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University of Phoenix Material

Week Two Quiz

Multiple Decision: Read every single question and choose the correct solution. Please spotlight or bold the correct response. Submit your completed questions to your Assignments Section. An organization wants to use a psychological check to display screen for emotional stability to get a sensitive placement. Which from the following checks is the best choice pertaining to the company to work with? Cognitive Assessment System

Weschler Adult Intellect Scale (WAIS-IV)


16 Personality Factors (16PF)

________ testing uses ambiguous or unstructured assessment stimuli that a person responds readily to the screening stimuli. ________ is a good example of this type of tests. Objective; MMPI

Projective; TAT

Functional; NEO-PI-R

Intelligence; Stanford-Binet

Which with the following is a multicultural issue for the test-taker relating to any of the emotional instruments typically used in the United States? Level of nationalization

Preconceived ideas

Theoretical positioning

Distortion details

One of the common concerns associated with IQ testing is that a wide variety of man behaviors will be measured

an individual's performance is compared against others' activities testing is used to learn regarding cognitive strengths and weaknesses there is a chance of racial tendency

An IQ test is given to a child on Tues. When given the test once again on Thurs night, the kid's scores fluctuate significantly. This really is an issue of functionality




Felicia, a 9-year-old woman, complains that other children are not enabling her play with them during recess or perhaps that they do not play fair. What could be the most effective method of assess the communications between Felicia and her playmates? Naturalistic observation

Managed observation


Functional research

Which in the following is actually a potential threat to successful interviewing? Time

Interviewer prejudice

Structured selection interviews