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 Production of Ceramic Goods Essay




Bangladesh is a great agricultural region with some three-fifths of the populace engaged in farming. Jute and tea will be two significant agricultural goods to gain foreign exchange. Intended for higher GDP growth, purchases of industrial sector will need to be quicker. The existing political and economic steadiness has significantly encouraged expense in the industrial sector. Fashionable of overseas direct expenditure is very motivating. The government can be committed to market economy and has been seeking policies for supporting and inspiring investment in industrial sector and reducing unproductive expenses in the general public sector. Among the industry, ceramic industry is definitely promising and potential for Bangladesh. In Bangladesh there are some intercontinental standard hard industries; their very own contribution to earn money is raising day by day. The demand of Bangladeshi ceramic method increasing in the international marketplace. Considering this kind of factor all of us did a feasibility study on Production of Ceramic: Prospects & Impact on Export earning of Bangladesh.


Ceramic sector took an official start in america in 1958. Now, you will find about 12-15 ceramic industries in the country. Hard Industry makes useful and ornamental articles coming from clay by simply shaping and hardening that in warm. The sector is basically a development of indigenous pottery functions. The hard industry in Bangladesh have been one of the growing sectors. In the fiscal season 2004-2005, the country's hard tableware export reached US$ 28. 75 million, which was 16% greater than the previous financial year. Foreign trade from ceramics is supposed to triple simply by 2008. The goal of this paper is to analyze the prospect of Ceramic sector in Bangladesh and its influence on export generating of Bangladesh.


Porcelain Industry makes useful and decorative articles via clay simply by shaping and hardening this in warm. The sector is basically a development of indigenous pottery functions. Broadly, ceramics denote the manufacture of any item made from a nonmetallic mineral hardened at high temperatures. Industrial ceramics contain all industrially used solid materials that are neither steel nor organic. Major porcelain products incorporate glass, earthenware, porcelain, and white-ware, porcelain enamels, stone tiles and terracotta, refractory, cement, lime green and gypsum and specific abrasives. Generally Ceramic components are inorganic and non-metallic. They are generally moulded via a mass of natural material by room temperatures, and gain their standard physical houses through a temperature firing method. The Ceramic industry is labour-intensive and it offers basic jobs to get unskilled work in produced as well as producing countries. Work creation in the sector has become strong for ladies in poor countries, who have previously acquired no cash flow opportunities other than the household. In Bangladesh nearly half portion of the entire population were out of work, textile sector has created a big job chance for that portion. Moreover, in ceramic sector, relatively modern technology can be implemented even in poor countries at comparatively low expense costs. These types of technological features of the sector have made it suitable as the first step on the industrialization ladder possibly in a producing country just like us.


The most prominent sector of Bangladesh foreign currency earning is definitely Ready-made apparel and remittance from the non-resident Bangladeshi's. Following elimination of quota Bangladesh ready-made clothes industry is now in a essential position. The entrepreneurs happen to be in doubt that either the industry can survive or perhaps not. From this situation Hard industry may possibly play a crucial role to earn money for the country. This sector is very potential and if look prudently this...

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