Unit 2 Learning Aim C Part 3and 4

 Unit 2 Learning Target C Portion 3and 4 Essay

Unit 2 learning Aim C - Just how fast can be your response? – Portion 3


Have on eye safeguard while undertaking the useful work and maintain it in when clearing and washing things in the sink. Avoid epidermis contact with all the solutions applied and wash off virtually any splashes with your skin with cold running water.

Apparatus essential

eye safety


2 measuring cylinders (100 cm3)


conventional paper with a black cross into it

Chemicals necessary

sodium thiosulfate solution (15 g/dm3)

cobalt(II) chloride option (0. one particular mol)

iron(III) nitrate remedy (0. one particular mol)

copper(II) sulfate solution (0. one particular mol)

iron(II) sulfate solution (0. you mol)

How to proceed

1 Pull a get across on a piece of paper and put that underneath a 100 cm3 measuring canister, or make use of the cross from part 2, so it is seen when looking down the cylinder. 2 Pour 55 cm3 of sodium thiosulfate solution in to the measuring cyndrical tube. 3 Dump 50 cm3 of iron(iii) nitrate option in the second measuring canister. 4 Properly pour the iron(iii) nitrate solution in the sodium thiosulfate solution and start the timer. 5 Look over the reaction blend from above before the cross may first be observed –stop the timer and record the time. This is the time using no catalyst. 6 Repeat this experiment but add one particular drop of catalyst towards the sodium thiosulfate solution ahead of mixing. Test the various catalysts and complete the table.

Effects for part 3

No catalyst

Copper(ii) sulfate

Iron(ii) sulfate

Cobalt(ii) chloride

Time (s)

Examination and summary

1 What factor/variable had been you checking out in this research? 2 What else could you conclude about a substance which makes a chemical reaction go quicker for this chemical reaction? 3 Identify how the existence of substances in the table above: copper(II) sulfate, iron(II) sulfate and cobalt(II) chloride) change rate of the response.

Unit a couple of learning Purpose C – How quickly is your reaction? – Part four

Chemical formula

calcium carbonate + hydrochloric acid ...


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