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1 . The important points mentioned regarding M C Mehta Vs . State of Tamil Nadu3 2 . Court's Decision5

a few. International Perspectives on Child labour6

three or more. 1 Kid labour Practices around the World7

3. 2 A number of the Good Methods on Kid labour over the World8 four. Evolution of the constitutional and legal provisions relating to child labour in India11 5. Suggestions (legal as well as non-legal ) pertaining to tackling your child labour problem14 Legal suggestions14

Non-Legal suggestions14

6. References15

1 . The important points mentioned when it comes to M C Mehta Versus State of Tamil Nadu

Petitioner: -- M. C. MEHTA Versus Respondent: - State of TAMIL NADU and OTHERS Time of Judgement: 10/12/1996

Along with consisted of Judges: - Kuldip Singh, N. L. Hansaria, S. B. Majumdar In Sivakasi terme conseille factories, since on 31-12-1985:

• Range of registered match factories=221

• Total workmen= 27, 338

• Volume of children employed=2941

Occurrence of your major crash in Sivakasi and occurrences thereafter (facts in the case)

In an " unfortunate accident", in one of the Sivakasi cracker factories: - The number of persons who died was stated while 39 by the Tamil Nadu Government.

Inside our country, Sivakasi has been the most detrimental offender in the matter of violating " prohibition of employing child labour”. In lieu of this kind of, the public-spirited lawyer, Shri M. C. Mehta invoked the Court's power below Article 32, because it was your violation of the fundamental right of the kids guaranteed by simply Article 24.

An advocates' committee was formed to visit the location and produce a comprehensive report relating to the various aspects of the situation. The Committee members had been:

• Shri R. T. Jain, a Senior Counsel

• Ms Indira Jaising, another Older Advocate

• Shri K. C. Dua, advocate.

The court turned down the following affidavits in regard to this case and chosen to uphold the recommendations in the committee: -

• A great affidavit of the President in the All India Chamber of Match Companies, Sivakasi, in record which contains its reaction to the recommendations from the Committee

• An certificate filed by the President of Tamil Nadu Fireworks and Amorces Manufactures' Association

The court stated the following facts of infractions of forbidance of child labour at Sivakasi: -

• To begin these reports is of a Committee which in turn had been constituted by the Time Department by Tamil Nadu Government vide its GOMs dated 19-3-1984, under the Chairmanship of Thiru N. Haribhaskar. The record of the Committee is extensive, as it runs into 181 web pages and contains several annexure. The Committee analyzed the working circumstances and steps taken to reduce the sufferings of the child labour and has made different recommendations This work features October 1985

• Second report works with the causes and circumstances of the fire explosions which acquired taken place upon 12-7-1991 at Dawn Amorces Fireworks Industries and it has remedial actions

• Third as well as the final report relating to Sivakasi workers which relates to removal of child work in the meet and fireworks industries in Tamil Nadu is of 30-3-1993. The reps of the Department of Work and Career, Social Well being and Education had prepared this report in effort with UNICEF and this speaks of " A proposed approach framework"

A 16-member Committee had turn out to be set up by a resolution with the Labour Ministry dated 6-2-1979 and 7-2-1979 under the Chairmanship of Shri M. T. Gurupadaswamy.

The report's (dated 24-6-1981) summary regarding kid labour that was considered in the case:

" Extreme poverty, insufficient opportunity for gainful employment and intermittency of income and low specifications of living are the major causes for the wide frequency of child work. Though it will be possible to identify kid labour inside the organised sector, which varieties a minuscule of the total child labour, the problem pertains mainly...

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