Poems Research Paper

A Homage to My own Town

After i remember the daysВ

that saw my early childhoodВ

spent on saving money shoresВ

of any murmurous lagoon; В

after i remember the coolness, В

delicious and refreshing, В

that in the face My spouse and i feltВ

?nternet site heard Favonius croon; В

when I behold the white-colored lilyВ

enlarge to the wind's impulsion, В

and that tempestuous elementВ

poorly asleep around the sand; В

when I suck in the dearВ

intoxicating essenceВ

the flowers exude when dawnВ

can be smiling for the land; В

sadly, regretfully I recallВ

your vignette, precious years as a child, В

which will an tender motherВ

built beautiful and bright; В

I recall a simple area, В

my comfort, joy and cradle, В

close to a balmy lake, В

the seat of my delight. В

Oh, yes, my personal awkward footВ

explored your sombre woodlands, В

and on the financial institutions of your riversВ

in frolic I got part. В

I prayed in your old-fashioned temple, В

a child, with a child's loyalty; В

and your unsullied breezeВ

exhilarated my personal heart. В

The Originator I saw in the grandeurВ

of the age-old jungles; В

upon your bosom, sorrowsВ

were ever unknown to me; В

while at your azure skiesВ

I actually gazed, neither love neither tendernessВ

failed me, to get in natureВ

lay my own felicity. В

Tender child years, beautiful town, В

rich fountain of rejoicingВ

associated with harmonious musicВ

that forced away all pain: В

return to this heart of mine, В

return my own gracious several hours, В

returning as the birds returnВ

when blossoms spring again! В

Nevertheless O adios! May the SpiritВ

great, a loving gift-giver, В

keep watch eternally overВ

your peacefulness, your happiness, your sleeping! В

For you personally, my eager pryers; В

for you, my personal constant desireВ

to learn; and i also pray heavenВ

your innocence to keep! В

Memories of My City

When I remember the days

That saw years as a child of yore

Beside the verdant shore

Of any murmuring lagoon;

When I remember the sighs

Of the breeze that on my brow

Sweet and caressing did blow

With greatness full of please;

When I consider the lily light

Fills plan air violent

And the raining element



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