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My personal Poetry Publication

By Hans

Page 1– Table of Contents

Page two – Ideas on poetry

Web page 3 – Similes

Page four – Metaphors

Site 5 – Personification

Page 6th – Apostrophe

Web page 7 – Hyperbole

Page eight – Onomatopoeia

Web page 9 – Internal vocally mimic eachother

Site 10 – Imagery

Page eleven – Dingdong

Page 12 – Autobiographical Poem

Page 13 – Acrostic poem

Page 18 – " This Is Simply to Say” Composition

Web page 15 – My Favorite Poet(s)

My own thoughts on beautifully constructed wording

My favorite poems are jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and Knoxville Tn by Nikki Giovanni. I like those poems the most since they are both several. Knoxville Tn is about the fantastic things that summer may bring, like the things love to do throughout summer and the things like to take in in the summer. I love jabberwocky likewise because it is fiction and not actual story. In the poem jabberwocky in believe these nonsense words makes poem particular and it is a really exciting poem. But I think you can learn a thing from that poem, and that is you could be afraid of anything but you can often do it as you believe in your self and when anyone with afraid ever again but in this kind of poem this individual killed the jabberwocky and came house and now probably he is the leading man. And when that can be done something you are afraid of when you might be a little hero because you are not afraid any more. I think poems are sometimes a lot better than books as you can read lengthy poems and short poetry but you can study from both, but also in one thing catalogs and poems are the same they both equally tell a story even when it is just a story which is not real they will tell a story.


Willow and Gingko

by Event Merriam

The willow is much like an decoration,

Fine-lined resistant to the sky.

Then ginkgo is much like a elementary sketch,

Rarely worthy being signed

With this poem similes are needed because the Willow and the Gingko are compered and with no similes you couldn't say: The willow is like an etching Fine- lined resistant to the sky.

In addition to this composition without similes you couldn't describe how the willow plus the gingko appear, feel and smell.



Langston Hughes

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot soar.

In this poem dreams by simply Langston Hughes life is compered to a busted winged chicken. It details that a life without dreams is like a bird with no wings. And a bird needs wings to travel.

My Favorite Poet person

My Favorite poet is Edgar Allan Poe, he was created January nineteen, 1809 in Boston, Ma and passed away in August 7, 1849. He is the best poet because he doesn't had written normal poetry he wrote fiction, medieval and stories that are occasionally scary and sometimes creepy and scary. Yet he as well wrote romantic stories like Annabel Lee. That is what I really like about Poe and I also like that he wrote some a number of poems like a famous one " The Raven”.

Autobiographical Poem

Now i'm from sports fields and snow in Christmas from a beautiful scenery and a big river. Now i'm from a sweet tiny town with fields and lots of cattle's. Now i'm from a rustic where winters are cool and summers are warm.

I'm from a karate team in which I learned self-defense. I'm from a really great dad who also taught me personally to ride the bike. I'm via skate-parks and a place where I had great friends.

Now i am from vacationing a lot and vacations in the Alps. I am just from home made food that tastes much better than everything. Now i'm from avoid remember my grandfathers and from creating a dog who also died of cancer.

Endocentric compound Poem

Any kinds of animals great.

Neither it is a wild one or a house pet.

In any way that they like you when you treat them right.

My personal dog was one of my own best friends great he is removed.

All my relatives misses him but we have to except that he gone. Love we offered him and had fun with him since his labor and birth.

So I wish you learned a lessons so handle you house animals right and give them appreciate.

This is only to say Poem

By Julian Balint

We heard a thing

dropping. It was

my mothers vase

but your woman didn't take action.

Who achieved it

No person knows

The splinters were



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