Campaign Statement for Caracal Deodorant and National Cancer of the breast Foundation

 Essay on Campaign Report for Caracal Deodorant and National Cancer of the breast Foundation

The prevalence of breast cancer in the current society is actually a testament to the growing seriousness of the disease. It has, therefore, become a remarkably visible sociable cause. The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is persistent non-for-profit charity whose main purpose is always to promote and raise cash for breast cancer research.

It is our belief that by relating the social cause, also the NBCF, with CARACAL a visible increase in brand equity will be noticed by consumers. We aim to do this by promoting cancer of the breast awareness amongst a potential audience of teenagers aged 17 – twenty-five. Furthermore, it is anticipated the fact that differentiation of linking the social cause with CARACAL will see a rise in sales and promote an optimistic brand notion among the female market. An increase in sales is important to the success of this marketing campaign, as a part of each getting LYNX will act as a donation for the consumer for the NBCF.

LYNX: ‘Helping Men inside the Mating Game'

LYNX is known as a brand which is not adverse to controversy. Consequently, it loves a very unique brand picture in what has become described by simply some like a fickle and constantly changing market place (Gladstone & Kelly 2002). This is often attributed to the boldness of its tongue-in-cheek and irreverent approach to past advertising campaigns. LYNX's brand communication of ‘helping men in the mating game' is encapsulated in the actual message of its prior campaigns; ‘women like guys who smell good' (Unilever 2011) for that reason LYNX will help you get blessed with the ladies.

The manufacturer positions itself as a aroma that is and so seductive it can easily cause girls to make the initial move (Lee 2010). It is emulated in what have been termed by company since ‘The Caracal Effect'. It can be consistently showed in all prior campaign marketing and sales communications by the firm and is therefore an important and key element that should be preserved throughout this current marketing campaign.

Attaining Our Target audience in an Effective and Relevant Way

In a recent study conducted simply by Roy Morgan Research (2011) it was set up that, when it comes to its buyer base, CARACAL has a strong market in young men old 14 – 24. The prospective audience varies from campaign to campaign depending on its objectives. Therefore , we feel that a audience of teenage boys aged 18 – twenty-five is appropriate for this current plan due to the character of the sociable cause plus the objectives we wish to accomplish. Furthermore, the second target audience has been identified in women as it has been realized that women generate 60% of purchases for personal care products (Precourt 2010).

In attaining these concentrate on audiences, we expect that a completely integrated strategy is necessary. A full integrated advertising communication (IMC) campaign provides an effective approach in terms of the reach it provides. The IMC contact tools to be used throughout the life long this marketing campaign include the pursuing; broadcast and print media, public relations and publicity, incidents, internet and interactive multimedia, word of mouth, level of order sales and out-of-home media.

The results of your study that looked at the media consumption of young men aged 18 – twenty four indicate that television, as a medium, was your most utilized by participants (Logan 2008). The analysis also mentioned that television provided the highest number of were recalled messages when compared to other means. In addition to this it is understood that the average Aussie spends more hours watching television than they do surfing the net (Burlace 2008). It really is for these reasons, and also the pervasiveness from the medium, that people believe tv set should be put to use to reach the primary and secondary focus on audiences.

In terms of print out media, magazines offer a targeted way to succeed in our audience. It would be suitable to place print advertisements in both Tiergarten Weekly and FHM to get to the primary potential audience. Readership is usually estimated to be over...

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