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 Personality Hypotheses Essay

Persona Theories

Stephanie Mobley


April twenty, 2014

Joel Vance

Persona Theories

The word personality comes from the Latin word character which means hide. When it comes to individuality I do not feel that expression is easily identified. Everyone is different within their own small way therefore no two people are the same. A lot of people may problem if mixed twins actually talk about the same personality and the solution is no they just do not. It seems that persona is something that is designed from birth and as we all grow it will continue to increase. We are going to discuss four people who developed individuality theories. These four persons are Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Jung. Abraham Maslow was interested in folks who were living unusually effective lives. This individual wanted to understand how these people had been different and in order to find out using the studying the lives of some men and women known during history. This individual studied people such as Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln just to term a few. He did not limit his study to famous figures he also was interested in music artists, poets, freelance writers, and innovative individuals (Coon & Mitterer, 2013, l. 417). Maslow is responsible for the hierarchy of needs and he put these requirements into five categories. This individual considered these kinds of needs to the universal inspiring forces of human beings. In respect to Maslow the structure of requires is physical, safety, affection, esteem, and self-actualization. He divided the esteem requires into two distinct sub-groupings- the prominence needs plus the achievement demands. Each of these needs play a part for people to be able to enhance to the next level. For instance , physical demands of individuals that are not maintained for a sufficing level prevents the fulfillment of the sociable and mental needs for the reason that individual will die (Marsh, E. Ur., 1978). Carl Rogers a well known humanist that agreed with the main assumptions of Maslow, but added that for a person to grow, they want an environment that gives them with genuineness, acceptance, and empathy. Rogers' theory highlights the home which is thought as a flexible and changing notion of personal identification. According to Rogers all of us allow encounters that match our self-image into recognition, where they gradually replace the self. In order to maximize the potentials, we should accept info on ourselves while honestly as it can be this was a thing that Rogers highlighted. Rogers assumed that every person was competent of obtaining their goals, wishes and desires in every area of your life. If a person was able to reach these goals self- actualization took place. It was one of Carl Rogers most critical contributions to psychology and he presumed that people who had been able to self-actualize were completely functioning people. Carl Rogers defined five characteristics for fully operating people. These characteristics were being able to be accessible to experience, existential living, to be able to trust thoughts, being creative and possessing a fulfilled your life (Mc. Leod, S. A., 2007). Sigmund Freud was born May six, 1856 and died Sept 23, 1939. His hypotheses are often looked at with skepticism but his work continue to be influence psychology. Freud's function and hypotheses helped shape our landscapes of child years, personality, storage, sexuality and therapy. His work backed the belief that not every mental ailments have physical causes and he likewise offered proof that cultural differences have an effect on psychology and habit. His operate and articles contributed to each of our understanding of persona, clinical mindset, human advancement, and abnormal psychology. Among Freud's ideas was the theory of psychosexual development which will describes just how personality builds up during the child years. This was a really controversial theory and Freud believed that personality evolves through a group of childhood periods in which the pleasure-seeking energies with the id...

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