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 Political Spectrum Essay

Sociology 205

Mentor Rogers

January 29, 2013

Political Variety: Where We Fit In

Following carefully critiquing what it means to become a liberal or maybe a conservative, I have found that I have got mixed beliefs depending on what the issue is definitely. With that being said, My spouse and i still tend to find me personally leaning much more to the left, than the right, making me get into the 15. 9% with the population who have consider themselves to be slightly more liberal. The things i like about the liberal viewpoint, is that they are accepting of substitute lifestyles, as well as the overall flexibility to be whom I choose to be, and live how I want to live; in spite of someone else's customs. What I detest about the conservative viewpoint is all their special affinity for religion, and also their perception that they observe too much individualism in today's world. To me, approval of others for their uniqueness and individuality is the key to life, or the key to happiness that is, as well as the way of the future. There is nothing wrong with having traditions and religion if perhaps that is what one decides, but it is usually not something which should limit the rights of others. The underside is this: we have to all have freedom to pick our own lifestyle path.

One concern I lean conservative in is the fatality penalty. Within my personal judgment, I believe the death charges should be broadened, if nearly anything. People who dedicate acts of heinous physical violence have no put in place society, (besides prison society) which is harmful for us taxpayers, who are the victims. Murder isn't the sole heinous take action. I consider pedophilia to become heinous take action of physical violence. Whether pedophilia is a mental illness or not is usually beside that fact, since the torment the victim can be left to suffer with for their entire life is definitely reprehensible. They get a punch on the hand, and are change your mind on the street to commit similar heinous serves over and over again. I actually do believe in the death charges, and I most definitely believe these folks should be out there to receive it.