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 Pepsi Blue Essay

Pepsi Green

Pepsi Green Type Tasting Cola

Manufacturer PepsiCo, Inc.

Country of origin Usa

Introduced mid-2002

Discontinued 2005 (Canadian markets)

Related products Amazingly Pepsi, New Coke

Pepsi blue, launched in mid-2002 and discontinued in 2004, was your result of taste-testing over 100 flavors on the 9-month period. Designed to take on Coca-Cola's Vanilla Coke, it is considered simply by some to be the company's second equivalent of recent Coke, following the much maligned Crystal Pepsi. The flavor of Pepsi Green was believed by several to be just like cotton sweets with a berry-like aftertaste (it resembled that of blueberries or raspberries to a few, though Soft drink itself simply described this as " berry" ) and much more sweet and syrupy than frequent cola. It absolutely was tinted applying Blue you, a highly-controversial coloring agent banned in several countries at the moment. The thing to do a brightly-colored version with the flagship Soft drink brand was spurred simply by 2001's launch of Pile Dew Code Red, which will had bumped PepsiCo's Hill Dew division sales up 6%.

Even though heavily marketed by PepsiCo (including adverts by the take singer Britney Spears plus the bands Sev and Papillas Roach, along with the movie The Italian Job), it is broadly seen as a industrial flop because sales continued to be low. Despite the inability of Soft drink Blue, PepsiCo still managed to post double-digit growth. Also, multiple teams claim to always be " taking back" Soft drink Blue, tend to be so far defeated.

Pepsi Blue was marketed after New York Mets games during the summertime of 2002, where the color blue was one of the emblematic colors in the ball club. Other marketing promotions included providing free containers from a Pepsi Blue themed VOLKS WAGEN New Beetle at popular shopping centers around the country. Jolt makes a related beverage known as Jolt Blue CX2; a blue raspberry soda in a battery formed metal can with a taste often identified as like that of cotton candies.

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