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Summary from the Sugar Wave

Sugar- Summary

The French and English did not sit with a let Spain colonize the whole Caribbean. They will to settled in some of the Caribbean destinations which they colonized themselves. They also attacked Spanish colonies and Spanish ships, both legally and intend to. By the middle 17th 100 years Spain got now become a weakened imperialiste master. Sugar

The English Sugar enterprise began in Barbados in the early 1640s. Your competitors from Va tobacco generated the Caribbean planters changing their emphasis to the production of glucose. The high demand of glucose by the Europe also performed a factor The Dutch had been very a key component in bringing the production of sugar to the West Indies. They offered the methods, in addition to the labour. Among 1643 and 1660 Barbados was changed into a total glucose plantation economic climate. В·Lands which had previously been in little productive units were right now pieces of larger plantations. В·The price of land increased

В·Small farmers had been forced out of business

В·Large plantation owners were then simply able to control the hawaiian islands affairs В·Sugar production required a large work force:

В·White slaves/Indentured labourers from Europe were tried

Africa slaves had been thought to be a better option

The mixture of the sugar trade plus the slave transact led to the triangular transact. В· Boats left Europe with inexpensive manufactured merchandise which were to be exchanged for slaves in Africa. В· The ships then still left Africa and sailed towards the Caribbean were they sold their slaves and bought sugar which has been destined for Europe. Glucose Plantations

In order to efficiently plant sugars, the following can be needed: В·В· Large amounts of land

В·В· Huge labour push

В·В· A sugar mill to extract juice from the full grown canes

В·В· A factory to process the sugar

A typical 17th century plantation estate contained about 100 acres: В·В· 40 acres had been used to pick cane

В·В· forty acres might remain nonproductive

В·В· 20...