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Unit 1: Principles of private responsibilities and working in a company environment


You should use this kind of file to complete the Assessment.

• The first thing you have to do is save a copy with this document, possibly onto your pc or a disk • Then simply work through your Assessment, knowing how to save your projects regularly • When you might have finished, print a copy to keep for reference • In that case, go to and send out your completed Assessment to your tutor by means of your My personal Study place – be sure it is evidently marked with the name, the course name and the Product and Analysis number.

You should be aware that this Assessment document has 8 web pages and is composed of 7 Parts.

Name: Kim Wiles

Section 1 – Know the employment rights and responsibilities of automobile and employer

1 . Recognize four main points that would be contained in a contract of employment. Whenever possible, use an model contract to back up your solution (feel free to obscure any kind of confidential information).

1) Holiday break entitlement.

2) Salary.

3) Date of commencement of employment.

4) Main place of work.

5) Disciplinary procedure

6) Probationary period.

7) Hours of work.

2a) List three key points of legislation that affect business employers in a organization environment.

1) Health & Safety.

2) Data Safety.

3) Pay & Pensions.

2b) List three key points of legal guidelines that impact employees within a business environment.

1) Retirement benefits

2) Income.

3) Work rights and responsibilities.

three or more. Identify a variety of places that a person can discover more details on career rights and responsibilities. You should identify in least two internal and two external sources of details.



Line Managers.

Books and documents held within the business.

Knowledgeable colleagues.

Staff affiliation representatives.


Citizens advice bureau.

Legal professionals.



Direct. gov website

5. Describe how representative bodies can support staff. This could be by using a trade union, by speaking on behalf of their particular members they will help with Redundancies, Pensions, Health & Safety, and Legal advice.

Trade unions also plan on particular issues, one example is low pay out, discrimination and bullying. Also, they are able to come with you to disciplinary and issues meetings if required.

5. Briefly describe employer and employee responsibilities for equality and diversity within a business environment. You should give at least two employer responsibilities and two staff responsibilities.

If possible, provide relevant equality and diversity procedures out of your workplace (or place of study) to support your answer. These documents must be annotated to focus on the relevant areas.

Employer duties

Train all staff about equality and variety

Develop plans and procedures to address any kind of diversity and equality challenges. Providing employees access to the kind of information.

Employee Responsibilities:

Take care of everyone equally and reasonably

Do not discriminate

6. Quickly explain the key benefits of making sure equality and diversity techniques are followed in a organization environment. The answer includes one gain for the employer, one profit for automobile and 1 benefit intended for the overall organisation

Employer benefits

Makes very good business feeling.

Company appeals to the best labor force.

Makes for good relationships among employees.

Staff benefit

Personnel feel highly valued and recognized.

Equal possibilities for all the labor force.

Employees will be treated quite, openly and honestly, with dignity and respect irrespective of race, gender, religion, handicap, sexual alignment or age group.

For the entire organisation

Personnel remain in the organisation

Improve company image

Respect and understanding through the entire organisation, ensuring a more enjoyable working ambiance for everyone.

Section 2 – Understand the...