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п»їObservation Project

Due Date: See Syllabus

The purpose of this project is made for you to observe the interactions, communications and actions that take place in a group. You have noticed some things while working in the groups throughout the semester, but since an outsider looking in, you will find that a lot more takes place in a group than just what you experience as a member of your group.

You will be instructed to observe, assess, analyze and take detailed notes concerning what evolves in a live group persons. The group you choose may be one in which you have participated in or are a member of, nevertheless at the time of statement, I do not need you to become participating in any way. You need to be merely observing. You have to observe for a minimum of 1-2 hours. In case you have any inquiries on perhaps the group you select will be suitable and satisfactory for this job, please work it simply by me initial for acceptance.

Upon completion of your observations, I want you to write a great analysis of what you observed as the group interacted. Each emphasis area will be worth 5 items.

Give attention to the following:

The kind of group you observed, just how many people were inside the group, the setting/atmosphere when you observed them, etc . Recognize the task from the crew. Next inform how you could evaluate the group's productivity. Call and make an assessment with the group's production. Identify the norms as well as the roles with the group/group members. Provide proof of each norm's existence. Describe the types of tasks of each affiliate accepted inside the group. Evaluate the effect every single norm is wearing the group's productivity. Measure the group's cohesiveness. How do the cohesiveness affect the group's productivity? Do the group follow the group development method (forming, storming, norming and performing) we all discussed in the lecture? Was presently there conflict in the group or within individual group members that affected the output of the group? In the event that so , describe how the group resolved the issues. Include...