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п»їTeaching Plan

Cognitive behavioral Effects

Guided Symbolism

Learner Effects

Content Outline


Time Frame


1 . Learner will certainly recite their very own understanding of the text between our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

2 . Student will be able to recite one way through which positive pondering can improve one's outlook on life and types decisions

Samples of current using guided imagery—sports psychology, cancers, HIV.

Definition of cognitive errors.

Examples of the ten most common intellectual errors.

All or Nothing considering


Mental Filter

Disqualifying the Positive

Jumping to Findings

Magnification or perhaps Minimization

Mental Reasoning

Will need to Statements

Marking and Mislabeling


PowerPoint presentation in benefits of confident thinking: lower rate of depression, better coping during stress and illness.

" Lemon, reduction and love”--visual imagery exercises.

Review, debate, and/or role-play of the 15 most intellectual errors.

a couple of minutes

20 a few minutes

Learner reiterated basic understanding of mind-body connection—in explanation or example.


Spanish student gave valid examples of the way the mind and body are connected.

Novice stated a method in which his or her thinking could affect their outlook on life and/or on their decisions.

Educating Plan

Intellectual behavioral Distortions

Guided Symbolism

Cognitive behavioral Distortions continued

Learner Results

Content Format


Time Frame


three or more. Learner can recite a method in which adverse thinking may have well being consequences.

4. Learner will recognize that feelings are generally not facts.

Review cognitive mistakes in healthcare decisions

Role-play with volunteer, or if adequate viewers participation, question to give handful of examples of faulty thinking....