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 Nigeria Essay



Hello, i'm Mesoma Ejeh and I'll be talking about Nigeria. Off all of the feautures of Nigeria that acronym overlooked a very important 1. It's my home. Likely 98% of this class knows little to nothing regarding Nigeria therefore i will cover each of our foods and drinks, each of our people and culture, the fashion as well as impact towards the world and Nigeria's area, season, weather and cilmate. For Starters Nigeria is in west Africa. North of Nigeria would be Niger, south, the Atlantic Sea and the Gulf of mexico of Guinea, East is Chad and Cameron and the West, Benin Republic. Nigeria is the most inhabited country in Africa and is also the most populous black region in the world. wht the large figure? there were 162. 5 mil people this summer. There are different from Here you will find only two seasons in Nigeria, dry out and wet season that are unevenly propagate throughout the year. there is the long wet season by march to the end of July. next the brief dry period which previous for 3-4 weeks in August. Following that is long dried out season via late October- early march. Finally lengthy dry season from later october to early drive. Therfore right in Nigeria we are inlong rainy time of year. Nigeria is very very very hot and I was not coloring, it's average temperature is dua puluh enam. 4 degrees celcius. What's a country without the people? Practically nothing. So let's get to fulfilled the people of nigeria. You will find 250 cultural groups in Nigeria and 628 dialects are voiced in the diverse 36 claims of Nigeria. the Capital of Nigeria is definitely Abuja(the middle section city). You will find three main tribes in Nigeria that happen to be Igbo-where We am by, yoruba and Hausa. Hausa are found in the Nothern element of Nigeria and they are commonly muslims. Some festivals celebrated by simply te hausa are the muslims festivals, angling festivals and many more. the Igbos are found in the southeast of Nigeria. The modern yam event is a key festival recognized ny the Igbos. The yorubas present in the european part of Nigeria celebrated a lot of festivals an example would be Ogun, Osun...