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According to Notification Zero 15/2012-ST dated 17. 03. 2012, the proposed Invert Charge Mechanism is made applicable from the first of September, when Section 66B in the Finance Act, 1994 (Charge of Service Tax as well as after Finance Act, 2012 - Exemption to small services providers) arrived to force.

Depending on the scenario, service tax must be paid by the company or the service receiver. Therefore, when a reverse charge is made, this influences the assistance tax legal responsibility of both equally provider and receiver. The following table details the impact in the reverse charge mechanism inside the required scenarios. No .

Information of a service

Percentage of service duty payable by the person featuring service Percentage of services tax payable by the person receiving the assistance 1 .

in respect of providers provided or agreed to be provided by a great insurance agent to the person carrying on insurance business Nil


2 .

in regards to services provided or opted for be provided by a goods transport agency in respect of vehicles of goods by road Zero



in regards to services supplied or opted for be provided by way of sponsorship Nil



in respect of companies provided or perhaps agreed to become provided by an arbitral cortege Nil



in respect of companies provided or agreed to be provided by someone advocate Zero



in regards to services presented or decided to be given by way of support service by simply Government or perhaps local power Nil



(a) in regards to services offered or agreed to be offered by way of renting or hiring any motor vehicle designed to bring passenger on abated worth. Nil



(b) in regards to services offered or agreed to be given by way of booking or employing any motor vehicle designed to carry passenger upon non abated value. 60 per cent


being unfaithful.

in respect of services supplied or decided to be given by way of flow of manpower for any purpose 25%



in regards to services supplied or decided to be given by way of functions contract fifty percent



in regards to any taxable services supplied or consented to be offered by any person who is located in a non-taxable terrain and received by any person located in the taxable place Nil


To be able to support this new requirement of charging the complete amount of service tax to the support receiver or splitting the service duty amount between service receiver and provider, also due to the fact the percentage of service duty can vary depending on type of the service receiver and supplier (company, collaboration, HUF, personal person therefore on), two new set up tables had been added to the answer - Support Entity Type and Srv. Tax Change Chrg. Setup. For a information of the fresh tables, see the white newspaper that is within the release.

Users can assign service entity types described in the Support Entity Type table to both distributors they work with and their personal company places (through the mandatory Service Taxes Registration Em. ).

Once this is carried out, they can create service tax reverse fee percentage pertaining to relevant services tax teams in the Srv. Tax Reverse Chrg. Setup table. Here are some examples of just how this can be create:

Service Tax Group

Coming from Service Organization Type

To Service Enterprise Type

Reverse Charge Taxes Type

Invert Charge %







Service tax is to be totally paid by service receiver.






Service tax is usually to be fully paid by the services receiver. Provider is providing GTA services. LOS ANGELES




seventy five

75% in the service taxes is to be paid out by the assistance receiver, even though the remaining...


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