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Michael Acevedo

Dr . Ross


October 30, 2014

CF2: A Modest Proposal Essay

A Humble Proposal for Unprepossessing Persons in the World, for being the Perfect Type of Themselves and to end up being Accepted by simply Societies Specifications Preface

Folks are very self conscious about their appearance and their faults are used against them. Folks are bullied constantly on the way they look and work. Which causes promote doubt and may lead to depression. Introduction

It's a somber knowledge to those, who also are considered unattractive, to be put beneath those people who are fortunate intended for appeling features and characteristics. These unsightly people are outcast of culture. They're teased, thought less of, and all around mistreated. In our society today, it is thought that you are perfect the way you happen to be. Well that's a load of bull, if you do not look and act a specific way, you'll certainly be cast out from community decency and respect. These people are lied too, and at some stage they have to recognize the ugly truth. That they may never be approved as equals. Proposal

We therefore humbly propose my own ideas with regards to this issue. My spouse and i am guaranteed that no person is born excellent. So I do therefore humbly offer, that every people are required, by law, to undergo drastic cosmetic plastic surgery to alter the look of them, on their eighteenth birthday. Every person converts 18 theyre forced to have got a renovation of her or his face. Also changes should be made to their very own bodies as well. A person must have at least 4% body fat and still have a 6-8 pack, before they change 18. Failure to meet or perhaps comply with these types of requirements will result in imprisonment. Once imprisoned, inmates are afflicted by rigorous numbers of physical exercise and labor, such as having to perform pushups to get half a day time and sit-ups for the other half, most without stopping. Failing to comply within a yr of imprisonment will result in the death penalty. Solutions/Benefits

No more will persons be mistaken, everyone can become the perfect variations of themselves. All Let me see is...