Sam Tyler and Lesson


Credit: you unit

Period: 17 several hours


This Discipline Study course 2 is made to provide FS students with opportunities to connect teaching-learning theories and guidelines discussed in the six device courses in Principles training 1 and 2 with actual classroom practice. It can be intended to help the FS college student observe how these principles training and learning are applied by the Resource Teacher to help make the teaching-learning method interactive, significant, exciting and enjoyable.

Discipline Study could be anchored around the following Professional Education subjects: Principles training 1 and

Principles training 2

Educational Technology you (partly)


1 ) Arrive at a great experiential know-how and comprehension of the principles training and learning. 2 . Think about the application of the guidelines of teaching and learning pertaining to meaningful and lasting learning. 3. Figure out how the helping principles in lesson target formulation happen to be applied in the teaching-learning procedure. 4. Find the skill in developing cognitive, skill and value lessons meaningfully and interestingly by simply an in depth take care of the subject matter and by developing thinking skills. 5. Apply the leading principles in the selection of educating strategies. 6th. Identify the teaching strategy employed.

several. Trace the logical development of a lessons.

8. Determine effective wondering and responding techniques.

When i observe three different classes, I will be capable to identify applying the principles of learning inside the teaching-learning process.

Field Examine 2, Episode 1 – Principles of Learning

Focused on: Application of the principles of learning in the teaching-learning process Jobs









Observation/ Documentation

All tasks were done with outstanding quality; work is greater than expectations. some

All or local all tasks were finished with high quality.


Nearly all jobs were carried out with acceptable quality.


Fewer than half of tasks were performed; or the majority of objectives achieved but with low quality. 1

My personal Analysis

Research questions were answered totally in depth answers; thoroughly grounded on hypotheses.

Exemplary sentence structure and transliteration.


Evaluation questions were answered completely.

Clear connection with theories.

Sentence structure and transliteration are superior.


Examination questions were not answered entirely.

Vaguely related to the theories.

Grammar and spelling satisfactory.


Analysis questions weren't answered.

Sentence structure and spelling unsatisfactory.


My Expression

Reflections transactions are outstanding and clear, supported by experiences from the event.


Representation statements will be clear, although not clearly supported by experiences from your episode. three or more

Reflection claims are shallow; supported by any potential problems from the episode.


Reflection statements will be unclear and shallow and therefore are not supported by experiences in the episode. one particular

My Collection

Portfolio is definitely complete, obvious, well-organized and everything supporting documents are located in sections plainly designated.


Portfolio is definitely complete, very clear well-organized and the most supporting documentation are available and in reasonable and clearly marked locations. 3

Portfolio is incomplete; supporting paperwork is structured but is definitely lacking.

a couple of

Portfolio has its own lacking component; is unorganized and uncertain.



Ahead of deadline


On the deadline


Every day after the deadline


2 days or more after the deadline


Sub Totals

Over-all Rating


(Based on


___________________________ _________________ Unsecured personal of FS Teacher Date Above...


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