Way of Flow Measurement

 Method of Circulation Measurement Composition


Experiment three or more

Method of Movement Measurement


To demonstrate typical stream measurement products for incompressible fluids: (1) venturi m, (2) spray hole plate and (3) rotameter. To assess the difference in flow charge incurred simply by each of these unit.


In engineering and industrial practice, fluid way of measuring of many from the variables and properties, just like density, viscosity, pressure, velocity, flow level and etc is among the problems most often encountered by engineers. Therefore, it is essential for technical engineers to be very well equipped with familiarity with the fundamentals and existing techniques of measuring various fluid real estate and tendency. This equipment is specially designed to obtain the stream rate way of measuring by utilizing three basic types of flow measuring methods, which are float-type flow inmiscuirse, venturi m and the orifice meter.

Fresh Procedure

1 ) Connect dimension lines.

2 . Open all valves by pipe section and the half a dozen tubes manometer.

three or more. Switch on the pump and let the water flow for one day or until all atmosphere has been expelled from the piping, then turn off the pump.

4. Close both the inlet and flow control regulators. Let the in-take and drain valves in the six pontoons manometer opened up.

your five. Now immediately close vent out and drain valves.

six. Adjust the height of the manometer tubes by slightly opening and closing vent and drain regulators until the height of the manometer become one hundred and fifty mm.

7. Switch on the pump and available inlet valve slowly.

8. Adapt the height from the water in the manometer tubes with the help of movement control valve until you get the big difference in levels between every single manometer.

being unfaithful. Record the flow rate shown by the rotameter.

10. With out adjusting virtually any valves, communicate the water outlet hose in a container whose capacity is well know and record the time used for the to complete it up.

11. Record manometer readings in the sample studying table.

12. Record the amount of normal water collected inside the catch container V on time t.

13. Repeat stage 8 to 11 intended for other stream rate.

Figure one particular: Flowmeter Equipment


Manometer Reading (mm)










Time (min)

Flow level Q (L/min)

Flow level calculated employing Bernoulli's Eq. (L/min)

Difference %






















1 . Identify the movement rate of Q since given by (1) venturi m, (2) hole plate

Q sama dengan пЃЎпЃҐAd

Exactly where:

p sama dengan hg with h sama dengan h1 – h2  for spray hole meter

h = h3 – h4  intended for venturi inmiscuirse

For venturi meter: e =

For hole meter: e =

2 . Determine the percentage of difference in flow rate of (1) venturi, (2) orifice and (3) rotameter compare to the measured flow rate.


Talk about the difference of measured and calculated flow rate of every device.


1 . Precisely what are the limitations of Bernoulli's Theorem?

2 . Precisely what are the primary factors when choosing a flow meter to gauge the flow price of a smooth? 3. Clarify how flow rate is measured with obstruction-type flow meters. Evaluate orifice metres and venturi meters regarding cost size, head damage and accuracy and reliability.


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