Mass media Diary

 Media Record Essay

Division of Media and Communication Studies.

Lecturer: Dr . Tony a2z Langlois.

Scholar: Eddie Enright

Student ID: 0665592

Job Title: Press Diary.

Words: 1200.

1 ) Introduction.

The main purpose of keeping this Journal was to gather information (Data) about my own, personal use of the Media in the given bi weekly period. I came across this review rather interesting because until recently I did not understand that I use the media so much and so the conclusions were a revelation to me. During the review I further realised that my ingestion must be very average for me personally because Some alter any patterns through the survey.


2 . My own ‘Average' Press Day.

I actually carried out my survey via Tuesday initial November 2011 to Monday 14th The fall of 2011 in addition to this time I actually monitored my very own use of Multimedia output. Every data was gathered by means of a Diary program on my cellphone. I put in an average of seven hours daily exposed to the media. My own average working day begins having a radio noisy alarms playing ‘Spin FM' and I also bring an ipod device with some of my favourite songs. I spend most of my own weekday in college high is tiny media publicity with the exception of the computer lab exactly where I usually dedicate about an hour a day. I go back home most evenings and watch TV as I study and read and I also browse the internet through the night.

3. Mobile phone Use.

We spend typically 23 a few minutes per day on the phone. (Not which include text messages). As my personal phone is known as a ‘Pay To get better results as you go Phone' My spouse and i restrict its use, pertaining to financial factors, to incoming calls only. When I do have Credit I tend to make use of it fairly quickly so I try not to utilize it for any different reason. I actually do not make use of it for the internet in fact it is primarily a device for the ease of members of the family (mostly parents) to keep touching me. While my sms are free I rely generally on these kinds of to keep in touch with friends.

four. Internet Work with.

Most of my personal media working day was used on the internet which I use to verify E-Mail, socialize on Facebook . com and browse various websites for personal and educational purposes. I use the pc Laboratory in MIC for approximately an hour every day but I really do most of my personal surfing in the home by nighttime using high speed. I get I only use a handful of websites just like Google, RTE for Information, Facebook, Facebook, Youtube and several Music sites too. I take advantage of E-mail and MSN Messenger to speak with friends and relatives living abroad. This is certainly most useful today because I've many contacts now living in foreign countries and this lets me keep in touch with them.

5. Television set.

Television much more of a background media personally. I i am most attracted to Music TELEVISION stations such as MTV, VH1, Smash Visitors and other this sort of channels. I actually also enjoy a lot of soap plays such as Eastenders, Coronation Streets and Fair City. The survey confirmed me that I am a creature of habit in terms of watching TV. I actually only view Music, Media and Cleaning soap Operas and still have little interest in any other sort of programming. Nevertheless , it is interesting to note the fact that timing of some of the best shows does influence myself in that I try to make an effort to keep these hours free of charge so , not directly, I am influenced by the media concerning my whereabouts from seven to around 9pm each night time.


I usually enjoy one film per day upon DVD. My own interest includes Horror, Episode and Action movies. I am an associate of a neighborhood DVD club and usually work with a movie to view late through the night before We go to bed. I rarely watch Movies alone and could have some friends around to observe a DIGITAL VIDEO DISC over the weekend. We usually go over the movie following we observe but you will find the occasional comment on acting, picture or circumstance as the film advances. I enjoy referring to movies after I watch them to know what other persons think about these people. I usually pick the movie all of us watch.

six. Radio.

I listen to the afternoon for around half an hour in the morning while i wake up and again last thing at night ahead of I go to sleep. I simply use the airwaves as a way to obtain music and rarely tune in to...


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