Marxists theory towards the sociological knowledge of crime and deviance

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 Marxists theory to the sociological understanding of offense and deviance Essay

п»їAssess the contribution with the Marxist theory to the sociological understanding of criminal offense and deviance. (21 marks)

Marxism can be described as macro/structural approach to society, and therefore it looks in the large-scale societal structure for answers about how society works and works and is exploring crime and deviance with regards to classes within a capitalist society. Marxists claim that laws will not reflect a worth consensus, rather laws and law enforcement rewards the rich (protection of personal property), and discriminate the poor which may result in social school reproduction, the significant class happen to be criminalised for crimes nevertheless the criminal simply system are definitely more lenient towards crimes of the wealth such as white collar crime or corporate criminal offenses. According to Marxist capitalism is crimongenic which means that it's the ultimate reason behind crime and makes crime unavoidable. Capitalism exploits the poor and encourages avarice, competition and consumption of consumer goods through marketing. This leaves the poor discouraged and criminal offenses such as robbing may be the just way for those to survive. The wealthy also control the media that they use to showcase stereotypes to demonise and stigmatise poor people as the criminal. This could often splits the working category into 'deserving ' and 'undeserving' and so reduce it is power. Marxists also believe that the police and the criminal justice system run selectively. The poor are targeted and criminalised e. g. benefit fraudsters. However , white-colored collar criminal offenses such as tax evasion is rarely charged and often neglects. When white collar crime is charged it is just to give the impression the fact that law is definitely equal, this can be ideology which will put the operating class within a state of false consciousness. Marxism can also be linked to the labelling theory as the police function in terms of stereotypes. The police focus on the working class areas and therefore detect more crimes from the poor and demonise these people. A Marxist sociologist called Pearce...