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With the Identity of Allah Who will be most loving and the Merciful! Praise to Allah, Master of the creation, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Full of the judgment day! You alone. We all pray, and to you exclusively. We hope for help, guide all of us to directly path, the path of those which you have preferred, not not of those who have incurred the wrath, neither of those who have gone down the wrong path.  (Al Quran)


Our company is gratified while using core of our heart to

" Almighty Allah”

who have made it conceivable tocomplete this project. We specially as a result of very adoring and patient teacher Hanif Shahzad

and friends notonly encourage all of us, guide all of us and pray us every single timeWe must take this possibility to full superb pleasure to our teacher of Marketing Hanif Shahzad

for continuous confidence support and lead toward the task.  We would like to highly accept and enjoy Mr. Asif Khan Staff leader Mobilink direct selling Islamabad and his guys members for his or her continuous assistance,  personal focus, encouragement and support which usually made more eligible to end up being confidentabout this project. We highly thankful to all Mobilink staff members by providing that help us and make this project possible.


President and CEO

Rashid Khan

Key Strategy Police officer

Tariq Rashid

Vice President Product sales & Distribution

Bilal Munir Sheikh

Vice President Customer Care

Irfan Akram

Vp Corporate Affairs

Agha Qasim

Chief Technological Officer

Ramy Reyad Kamel

Vice President Marketing

Jahanzeb Taj

Main Information Police officer

Irfan Farooq

Head of Human Resources & Administration

Sadia Ahmad

Chief Financial Officer

Andis Locmelis

Brain of Business Analysis and Planning

Farid Ahmed


Pakistan Cellular Communications Limited (PMCL) better known as Mobilink GSM is a telecommunication service company in Pakistan. Mobilink started operations in 1994 because the 1st GSM cellular Mobile services in Pakistan by MOTOROLA Inc., afterwards it was purcahased by Orascom, an Egypt-based multi-national company. It has become the market head both in terms of expansion as well as getting the largest buyer subscriber basic in Pakistan - a base of above 24 mil and developing. Mobilink prides itself upon being the first mobile service provider to use on a completely digital GSM technology in Pakistan that also provides cutting edge communication methods to its consumers. Mobilink provides exclusively designed tariff ideas that focus on the connection needs of any diverse group of people, from visitors to businessmen to corporates and multinationals. To achieve this objective, Mobilink offers both postpaid (Indigo) and pre-paid (JAZZ) approaches to its clients. Compared to its competitors, the postpaid (Indigo) and prepaid (JAZZ) brands are the greatest brands of their very own kind inside the Pakistan cell industry. Mobilink places excessive importance to its insurance, which is why this covers it is customers in 5000+ cities and cities nationwide as well as over 100 countries in international running around service. Mobilink is also the state telecommunication service supplier for the Pakistan Crickinfo Board (PCB). The company was awarded the license to work in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) on 27 June-2006.. PROMOTING PLAN


In telecom sector Mobilink was the first organization that was introduces his services inPakistan in1994Its first brand was Mobilink jazz at that time their frequency was limited to some cities butnow not only that extend the frequency nevertheless it have an overabundance than 3 brands •Mobilink indigo

•Mobilink jazz

•Mobilink world

•Mobilink PCO

It may be the market head both in terms of expansion as well as obtaining the largestcustomer subscriber base in Pakistan -- a base of over twenty-four million and growing. Mobilink  prides itself in being the first mobile service provider to use on a 100% digital GSMtechnology in Pakistan that also gives state-of-the-art interaction solutions to itscustomers. Mobilink gives exclusively...


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