Marketing Strategy Pet Fans Centre International Marketing Final1

 Marketing Plan Pet Lovers Centre International Marketing Final1 Essay


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Schoolwork Front Bed sheet

Module Title: International Promoting

Module Code: MAR6027

Lecturer: Ms Cecilia Sim

PT BCU BAIM Intake six

Lee Wan Chen Lena

BCU Student ID: 14141472

Company: Family pet Lovers Center

Words count: 2, 449 (not including referrals and the front sheet)

Stand of Articles

1 . Executive Summary a couple of

2 . History 3

several. Business Environment (PESTLE) 5

4. SWOT Analysis 6th

5. Online strategy 9

6. Marketing Combine (4P) 13

Product Approach

Price Technique

Place (Distribution) Strategy

Promo Strategy

six. Conclusion 12-15

Referencing 18


Developing affluence with the middle category in China and tiawan, coupled with rapid urbanisation, has resulted in a rise in attractive business opportunities. Recognizing this, Pet Addicts Center (PLC) aims to always be the first Singapore Family pet Retail cycle to gain a foothold in China's booming market, within vision to be Asia Pacific's Leader in pet treatment services1. PLC's Marketing Targets

To increase the market insurance coverage and revenue through development into China and tiawan To create PLC market recognition in China and tiawan

With steady development in pet industry, we could targeting the middle class portion between the ages of 25-64 years old. Additionally, it covered a competitor mixture ranging from Kudi Pet Group with 95 chain shops nationwide, Guo Feng -- one end shop for family pet care solutions to online retailers such as Epetbar. Marketing Strategy Overview


Regarding PLC

PLC can be described as Singapore pet retail and service string was founded in 1973 as a family hobby business by simply 2 friends – Mister David Ng and Robert Ng2. The company rapidly grew under the management of the second generation in the Ng family who overtook in 1995. Since then, that expanded to Malaysia and eventually to Asia. Todate, is it doesn't largest pet chain retail store with 70 pet retailers in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok. Additionally , PLC as well run " The Pet Safari”- thematic pet shopping places in Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok that bring the finest vets, pet groomers, family pet breeders, product or service under one roof.

Pet Lovers Centre Crucial Milestones3



Govt commitment

Its ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) maintains a firm grip, which include significant control of the economy through various state-owned enterprises and the banking system. In Nov 2012, CCP sent a international meaning that the leadership remains dedicated to " deepening reform and opening up” 4 Community Trade Company (WTO)

Since its WTO jump in 20015, China features opened their very own markets to world investors creating regulations aligned with WTO guidelines. This enhancements made on philosophy provides encouraged Singapore firms to get $90. your five billion in China, including manufacturing, real estate, wholesale and retail trade6. Excellent Bilateral relations among China & Singapore

The well-being marriage between diverse countries is important for economical development. Eversince bilateral relations between the two countries officially started in October several, 19907, it was developing swiftly in the the past few years and Singapore has maintained top ten countries investment in China8. Monetary

In the the latest 2014 Global Retail Creation Index, China and tiawan moved approximately be rated number 2 making it an even more desirable market to for retailers9. Increase in Throw-away Income

Origin: The median of per household disposable income of city households was 24, two hundred yuan, up by 15. 1%. In 2012, the twelve-monthly per household disposable income nationwide was 18, 311 yuan, up by 10. 9 %. 10 Growing middle class rise in China and tiawan

Chinese central class since households is identified as with an annual income ranging from $7, 250 to $62, 500 (60, 000 to 500, 500 yuan). 14 Earlier, just 4% of urban homes in Cina were middle class; simply by...


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