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Selecta Diary Items incorporated or widely known as Selecta, is called an your favorite ice cream brand owned or operated and produced by Republic Flourmills Corporation (RFM Corporation). It can be one of the fastest growing your favorite ice cream brand in the Philippines with 46% market share in Manila and 39% market share countrywide as of 1996 and they reach that numbers in just five years. They are putting a wide range of efforts in making this brand a big success on the market, capturing the cravings with the Filipinos. Selecta started way back in 1930's when ever Ramon Arce started pasteurizing carabao dairy near his home in Novaliches in which carabaos will be in abundance. Combined with her partner, Dona Carmen came up with an ice cream menu and thus came up with the carabao milk-based ice cream. Due to this, Selecta came to be with a retail store name Selecta Refreshment Shop. In 1990, RFM Organization, which is possessed by the Concepcions, bought the " Selecta” brand through the Arce Relatives. As of that point, Selecta was not even capture a small piece of business in the Your favorite ice cream industry. So , RFM built Selecta an aggressive manufacturer by complying to top quality standards established by RFM and also to follow the corporate beliefs of the company, RFM relaunched Selecta to the A, B, and Upper C markets. That they came up with a hit formula of Selecta – a winning combination of a top quality product, advertising innovation, contemporary production technology, and a very good distribution network. Selecta entered the production of bulk ice cream and novelties. For around 30 flavors which range from avocado to ube, that constituted for approximately 80% in the company's goodies output. The fresh carabao milk is still found in the production of Selecta together with the assurance of using local raw materials that met the quality standards. Regardless of the accomplishment made by Selecta, the company remains facing a stiff competition on the market especially when the competitors already are established on the market such as Magnolia. Currently, Selecta...