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 Man, a Slave of Scientific Technology Essay


Man, a servant of scientific technology. I believe this is a subject on which a lot of controversy takes place time and again. I are all for the movement because I really believe that person is indeed a slave of scientific technology.

Man may circle the world today in about 1 hour. Such is definitely the interesting improvement of science and technology. If we carefully analyse, it can be clear that people use an horrible lot of developments and products in our lifestyle, which are the items derived from these types of shocking growth of technological technology. To name a few from the unlimited list, rockets and spaceships, electronic techniques, atomic strength, antibiotics, the pc and robots, the ruse of the man gene, the internet, videoconferencing, cloning, wireless, phone, telex, tv set, microwave oven, electric heater, airconditioner, high speed automobiles, highspeed train locomotives, airplanes and so forth are a few inventions and items that have significantly affected human lives. Undoubtedly whatsoever all of these have greatly influenced the development of humanbeings and offered a better living standard.

Progress of science and technology improves directly the productivity of industry and agriculture. This may of course boost the total benefit of national production and income and improve the nationwide welfare and level of existence. One can argue that because of the benefits scientific technology offers to humankind, we have a tendency for us to be centered. I personally do not see any difficulty whatsoever in technology prominent human your life to a certain extent as it offers a whole lot of possibilities for comprehensive development of humanity too.

It really is inevitable that future contemporary society will be fully dominated simply by scientific technology. There is no injury in man becoming the slave than it as long as his freedom is not gotten rid of, his motivation, creativity and hard work are maintained. Scientific and technological advancement impacts...