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To: Carter Blakely, Supervisor of The good quality assurance, Lorex Pharmaceuticals From: Education Melton, Consultant, Cougar Consulting

CC: Prof. Laura Swanson, Managing Consultant/Professor, Cougar Consulting Date: 2/12/15

Re: Linatol Fill Rate Analysis and Recommendation

Brief summary

On September 19th, 2014, Lorex Pharmaceutical requested the help of Cougar Talking to to help determine the optimal complete rate for their new product Linatol, a innovative treatment for patients with high blood pressure. Lorex Pharmaceutical offered Cougar Consulting two pieces of data: 1 . An operational budget made using a 10. 2oz fill rate with an 85% acceptance level and installment payments on your Fill data for a hundred and forty four samples from your test range set to a 10. 2oz complete rate. You asked me to work with this data to, methodically, determine the perfect fill level to minimize beneath filled wine bottles ( required to handle the under filled bottles. One of the most severe result of way too many under fill events can lead to a whole line stoppage while Lorex has encountered this before with another item. The portions below will report my personal method of research and tips to Lorex regarding the optimal fill charge.


Inside the memo requesting the services of Cougar Consulting, you asked for the following three problems, specifically, to be addressed:




What are the kind of costs to be considered in determining the most economic complete level? How can the record parameters relevant to the outputs from the creation process enter the analysis? What is your recommendation regarding the target complete amount?

The filling-line check data to get the 144 filled bottles were accustomed to create a histogram to determine the division of the data. The histogram (Exhibit 1) clearly displays the data kind a normal syndication, or what is commonly referred to as a " bell shape. ” This kind of distribution allowed me to assume a continuing variance and apply an easy probability evaluation to the info using the sample standard deviation derived from the test run and ten wanted fill rates ranging from 15. 0oz to 10. 9oz. This likelihood analysis allowed me to calculate the 1



anticipated proportion of properly packed cases (10. 0oz or more per bottle) to underneath filled situations (bottles with less than 12. 0oz) for every of the preferred fill rates. Since Lorex only packages and markets Linatol by case, We used the proportion and the financial info provided by Lorex, to compute the anticipated contribution on a per case basis. For this research, contribution will probably be calculated through the total anticipated revenue every case minus the variable costs per case.

To compute the anticipated revenue per case, My spouse and i multiplied the expected amount of each type case (properly filled or perhaps under filled) by their particular wholesale price ($186 or $148. 80) and added them together to get the aggregate revenue benefit per advantages of each load rate.

To determine the variable costs per case, from the economical data provided, I had to ascertain which costs would change as the fill price changed and which costs would not. The indirect labor and expenses for mixing up a set of Linatol remain regular regardless of fill up volume in a bottle. The filling components (bottles, limits, cap finalizes, labels, and packaging) are constant for the 12-bottle case. Finally, the labor and overhead costs linked to the operation in the fill range would as well not end up being...


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