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 Logic To discover Week 2 Essay

1 . Question: Human beings use which of these in reasoning about things? Scholar Answer: CORRECT Inductive and deductive logic* Only inductive logic Just deductive reasoning

Simply seductive reasoning

2 . Question: Which usually of these will need to we carry out when confronted by an argument in logic? College student Answer: Keep the room

CORRECT Evaluate it

Make fun of anyone making it

Ignore it

a few. Question: Within a good initiatory argument, the premises demonstrate that the summary

Student Response: INCORRECT must be true.

CORRECT will probably be true.

is likely to be false.

should be false.

4. Problem: If a purpose that is not tightly related to the conclusion has, Student Solution: INCORRECT that reason must be false.

that cause must be accurate.

CORRECT that reason should not have anything to do with the final outcome. that purpose is the merely one needed to agree to the conclusion. a few. Question: A legitimate argument is definitely an argument that may be such that Pupil Answer: ACCURATE if its premises will be true, guarantees the truth with the conclusion. WRONG it is a good inductive debate.

everybody will acknowledge the areas.

everyone will agree on the conclusion.

6. Question: One of the things common sense seeks to supply is

Student Answer: APPROPRIATE the best debate for a presented claim. COMPLETELY WRONG a way to steer clear of examining each of our beliefs.

a method to bother people.

ways to penalize children.

7. Issue: A five year old youngster who will not listen to reasons behind going to bed could be called College student Answer: INAPPROPRIATE irrational.

CORRECT blind.



8. Question: " Deborah enjoys Ron; Ron loves Deborah; therefore Deborah and Ron love each other" is definitely Student Response: CORRECT a spat.

a great outrage.

a bad poem.

a great question.

9. Issue: The claim that most or our beliefs...