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•Locus of control= Another person characteristic which was found to influence honest action can be locus of control.

Positionnement of control refers to a person's perception of how much control he or she exerts over existence events. Positionnement of control can be thought of as a single continuum from a high internal positionnement of control to a substantial external locus of control. An individual which has a high internal locus of control feels that results are primarily the result of his or her own initiatives, whereas an individual with a substantial external locus of control believes that life events are determined primarily by simply fate, good fortune, or effective others.

Locus of control develops more than a long time period through interaction with other people and the social environment. Any kind of time particular period, however , positionnement of

control can be thought of as a stable specific characteristic that differentiates persons from one another. Some individuals are definitely more internal while others are more external in their locus of control. In that way, positionnement of control is similar to a personality attribute that brands a person's pondering and action across circumstances. It does not switch from one scenario to another. As a result it's certainly not appropriate to say, ‘‘My positionnement of control was external in this circumstance because my own boss made me fudge the numbers. '' What provides shifted in this situation may be the control exerted by the employer, not the employee's positionnement of control. An employee with an internal locus of control who has a controlling employer will be uneasy with the boss's request to perform something improper. So , because of that excessive internal positionnement of control, this staff will be more very likely to resist the boss's influence and more likely to look for a way to leave and find a more compatible employer and work situation. An employee with a locus of control is more likely to see his / her fate inside the boss' hands and simply carry out what the employer asks. You can look at your own locus of control through a survey measure...