Living Like Weasels Article Summary

 Living Just like Weasels Article Summary

п»їEnis Jevric

Professor Gregory Munna

English 101-1310

03 Mar 2015

Composition #1

It might be great never to worry about anything besides fundamental human needs, like normal water, food, and shelter. In Annie Dillards essay, " Living Just like Weasels”, the lady states; " but I would learn

something of mindlessness, something of purity of surviving in the physical senses and the dignity

of living without prejudice or motive” (63). Declaring how man life could become simple, whenever we

live a natural life with out bias or motive and concerning your self with simply the basic

necessities of life, which can be what the weasel is doing. Whenever we give ourselves over to mindlessness

and necessity, it could be liberating. This is the value we all as human beings must get.

Weasels live how they do because they have no choices just like us. If we lived just like

weasels do and do what we are meant to do in our lives, items would be better. " This is

yielding, not fighting” (Dillard 66). Dillard wishes us to comply with the laws of nature by being

an integral part of it. To be free and live free, we must turn into like the weasel who is mindless.

Human beings are a slave to the brain, we are constantly making decisions. We think excessive and

take care, were the weasel acts on behavioral instinct. In order to begin living, discussing stop pondering and live

in our with a single necessity.

Dillard says, " I think it might be well, and proper, and pure, to grasp your 1 necessity

and not ignore it, to suspend from that limp wherever it takes you” (66). She saying, discover

some thing you love to complete and hold onto it and find out where it takes you. The actual us certainly not free is

that we are slaves to the mind. The weasel is free from thoughts and emotions. Accurate, freedom is usually

to look for something you are passionate about and stick with it to the end, no matter

what happens. Exist by not really giving up until you have accomplished your goals. Human beings never stick to one thing, we let...

Offered: Dillard, Annie. " Living Like Weasels. " Makes Great Documents. By Robert

DiYanni. Nyc: Pearson, 2008. 62-67. Print out.


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