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David A. James

The type of research paper required in many sophomore materials courses is generally referred to as a literary evaluation research daily news because its focus should be on an element of the fictional work‟s structure as a bit of literature—for case in point, an element such as the work‟s characters or conflict or symbolism or theme, or perhaps two or more related literary elements [such since the interrelated elements of conflict development and theme, or symbolism‟s contribution to the creation of theme(s)]. It would not really focus on such ideas as the author‟s life (biography), the historic events and beliefs in the period through which it was crafted (historical and/or sociological facets of the work), or psychoanalysis of the personas (psychology), as these are not components of literary research, though passing reference to one or more of these is generally acceptable. If there‟s any kind of doubt regarding the acceptability of the particular idea you‟re taking into consideration, it‟s essential to consult with the professor prior to proceeding further in order to avoid squandered time on an inappropriate writing topic.

When individual approaches to a research paper involving fictional analysis can vary, one normal approach can be presented as follows:


about the work

of literature

(presented in the

form of a thesis




from the function

supporting the

analytic ideas and

thesis opinion





to gather and


essential works

of scholarly

research that

relate with or

support your

thesis opinion

This „formula‟ for producing a powerful literary research research newspaper can be thorough by the following process, or series of actions taken to attain the ultimate aim.



Selecting a writer and Fictional Work

Choose an appropriate writer (one in whose works fall within the period parameters from the literature program in question) and a single (possibly two, if brief) literary work(s) to analyze. For example , one novel/novella or two quick short reports would generally be picked to produce a research paper of 1500 or maybe more words. In courses in which long, complex works are covered (such as Homer‟s Iliad or Chaucer‟s The Canterbury Tales), it is almost certainly wise to make an attempt to analyze only a particular area of the work. Once again, consult with the professor regarding an appropriate selection of work or perhaps portion thereof. It is also beneficial, though not necessary, to have previously read the literary work(s). This enables you to start right away to direct the focus toward particular aspects of the work(s) as you are re-reading because words familiarity with the standard plot and characters.

Go through and Re-read

Read (re-read? ) the chosen work(s), keeping a close watch for the particular fictional element that interests you. You may choose to examine the character and conflicts of Huckleberry Finn, for instance, or perhaps satirical gadgets in Gulliver's Travels or theme and symbolism inside the Scarlet Page. As you read and note the presence of the particular element(s) in the job, you should start to formulate emotionally (and have notes on) your ideas onto it. These concepts will later on be converted into a working thesis or opinion about the work and the element(s).

Taking Notes

Take very careful notes for every instance inside the work in which the literary component seems present. These locations in the job will be used later on (when writing the paper) as the textual evidence necessary to properly support the analytic thoughts and opinions and thus produce a convincing argument for your thesis. As you have these remarks (in whatsoever fashion is quite comfortable or perhaps useful for you), be certain that you record exact quotes and page amounts (for right MLA—Modern Vocabulary Association-- info when



composing the paper). Carelessness in this area can affect the clarity from the paper, along with result in unintended plagiarism.

Fictional Focus...

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