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 Freedom Of America Essay

Freedom of America

America is known around the world as the land from the free and the home of the brave. Actually the United States offers oppressed people a number of times throughout it is history. Well-known historians and economists tell us that America was constructed by slaves and the sweating and holes of immigrants. After studying three distinct stories about different immigrants and the actual had to move through to get to America and their activities while these were here, I use new information about what flexibility really means and so why America is recognized as the property of the totally free and residence of the courageous. Freedom is an idea that the person has got the right to go after anything they believe is legally theirs and can be taken away vigorously.

For many people, America was flexibility from oppression whether it is flexibility from their nation or freedom from particular living conditions. Vo Thi Tam wrote a tale called " A Boat Individual's Story” and told just how she came from Vietnam for the United States. She left because her country's government was placing them in areas where they will could not live or often the area. " That they gave all of us tools and a little meals, and that was it. We just had to dig up the land and cultivate that. And the property was very bad” (87). Mary Antin also reached America to escape Czarist Russian federation to be free and have protection. She tells her history in " The Assured Land” a great autobiography Antin wrote (82). Both creators came to America to be totally free and have a way to be safe and successful. Ironically both authors as well refer to America as a area of messiah by contacting America a " Assured Land” or perhaps " Haven. ” It absolutely was like getting up after a poor nightmare. Like coming out of terrible into paradise…. ” (90) Both of these creators believed they had the right to avoid oppression and go to a place they assumed paradise most because of this concept of freedom.

Flexibility can be taken away from persons. Since the start of America, there has been captivity. In Charles Ball's " Slave Ship”, he offers details of...