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 Lesson Plan Essay

West Visayas State University or college

College of Education

Trademark Professional Education

Principles in Teaching I

Prof. Mae S. Bagsit

A Lessons Plan in Science for Grade IV using Debate and Deductive Method

We. Objectives

By the end of the period the Level IV pupils will be able to: 1 . To identify the parts of the flower.

installment payments on your To separate the parts of the flower.

several. To pull and label the areas of the floral.

4. To differentiate the imperfect blossom from excellent flower.

II. Subject Matter

A. Topic: The flower as well as parts

W. Reference: Intelligent Science four (Marina Electronic. Balce) s. 122-127 C. Materials:

Manila Paper, Cut outs, bond conventional paper, adhesive coup, Gumamela blossom, chart Powerpoint/LCD & Laptop computer

D. Worth Focus: Admiration of Plants, Cooperation, Beauty

3. Teaching-Learning Actions

A. Pre-Activity

a. Review: Review of the Parts of the plant

b. Motivation: Guessing Game


A class will probably be divided into two groups. A coin will probably be tossed to ascertain who will end up being the first to the actual guessing (Head-1st group, Tail-2nd group). The, the point will be given to the first group. Whoever group guesses the most is the victor. The facilitator will show the flower towards the group that will describe it. The other group can face the alternative direction through the first group. 30 seconds will be allotted for every single item/flower being guessed. If perhaps they fail to guess what blossom is being explained by the additional group the idea will be directed at the 1st group. Whoever group guesses the most is the champion.

Names in the flower:

GumamelaSquash flower

DaisyGuava Flower

N. Lesson Right

1 . Presentation of the Matter

* Discussion of flower

2. Discussion of the parts of the flower

a. Basic Parts

b. Woman Reproductive Part

c. Men Reproductive Portion

* Category of types of blossom

a) Best - A flower having both the guy and the feminine...