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 Leadership Hypotheses Essay

" Leadership can be described as process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a prevalent goal” (Northouse, 2012). The learner was required to identify and compare four theories of leadership. The theories selected to analyze by the learner are contingency, behavioral, transformation, and transactional. For any better knowledge of how these types of theories is going to fit into her desired brand of work, these theories must first become defined. In accordance to Northouse (2012), " Contingency Theory is a leader-matched theory that tries to match leaders to appropriate situations to fit the leader's context (as offered by Fiedler and Chemers, 1974). A contingency theory depends on the idea that a leader ability to resolve a situation depends upon certain offered factors. There isn't one certain leadership style that a innovator can apply to every situation. Whenever a factor is presented, the leader must change his leadership design. Dependent upon the problem, a leader may well succeed or fail. Behavioral theory assumes that market leaders are made and not born and focuses on the certain manners of commanders. Behavioral theorists believe that successful leadership could be learned and defined by the leader's actions. Leaders usually have a specific response to a specific circumstance and this is because people believe a leader may be conditioned or taught the right way to react. For instance , the Guru cannot act out violently towards a person that may have been murdered in the immediate relatives. He would have to learn how to control himself inside the eyes with the public. Thoughts of retaliation and foul language looking at peers may not be tolerated. " Transformational leadership theory is a process that adjustments and converts people” (Northouse, 2012). This deals with the leader's emotions that inspires their fans to act with those same feelings and function toward one common goal. Market leaders get their fans involved by simply putting these people in the cutting edge with those to excel to...