It280 Laptop Maintanence and Training Manual

 It280 Pc Maintanence and Training Manual Essay

Pc Maintenance and Training Manual

Table of content

Section 1


Environmental concerns

Power Security

Dust, static, and high temperature issues

Installing unauthorized computer software

Chapter 2

Maintenance and Cleaning



Computer keyboard


Phase 3

Internal hardware set up





Hard Drives

Section 4

Basics for supporting I/O Devices and Multimedia and Mass Storage Devices Installing a Card

Setting up a DVD Drive

Section 1 Security

* Environmental Concerns

There are many methods you can use to remove obsolete laptop equipment. For instance , employee giveaways, donations to charity, and perhaps, an setup of the outdated mainframe. Nearly all old computers are considered poisonous waste and must be discarded properly. When it comes to household computer monitors they are usually not deemed hazardous spend and are not included under national regulations, however if you wish to disposed of one, you might want to make sure that hard drive has been cleaned. Now for the heart of this issue. Since old personal computers are considered toxic waste, the key way that a lot of businesses handle obsolete personal computers is to let a recycling company manage the dirty work. These companies happen to be regulated by the Federal Epa, but you need to use caution to ensure that the company that you just choose to use can be regulated. So it pays to do your research, in fact it is well worth the effort. Properly recycling where possible and getting rid of old computer system equipment is will no longer just a matter of what is convenient, it is additionally an environmental and legal issue.

Power Protection and Safety

Once working aroundВ electronic equipment ourВ responsibility is to ensure the personal security of ourselves and those about us. We ought to never work on a device until we have driven it straight down and unplugged it from your wall. Whenever we are working on a portable computer, we have to make sure the battery is out of the program. Current

Power that comes from the wall is AC, really Alternating Current, regarding 115 v at 70 cycles in USA or perhaps 220 v at 55 cycles in EU. В Alternating current appearing out of a wall membrane can be enough to stop our heart. Electricity coming out of a wall is not gotten rid of, even following your device is unplugged from your wall. It can retained inside the device's power, in pieces called capacitors. Capacitors in a high voltage power can retain enough current, enough electric power, to kill us, also hours following the device is unplugged through the wall. This is exactly why a power supply in a laptop is an FRU, a Field Replaceable Product. It is not a serviceable portion of the computer. We ought to avoid providing anything to carry out with hollywood, including pc power products. В Hollywood

Another way to obtain high voltage with which we're all familiar is a CRT monitor, a tube, thus we should not really work in an exceedingly CRT monitor. If we need to work in a CRT, discharge the high voltage first. The main thing to remember is not to wear ESD band around high voltage. В If we could grounded, we become the path of least resistance for current, and If the current is high voltage, we are the road through which the high voltage current Dust, Static, and Temperature Issues

High temperature

Heat is a enemy almost all computer technicians must confront. I consider it one of the noiseless killers in the computer universe. I have seen far too many computers fall victim to this common issue, since not enough attention was taken to save the computer. Now, Let me admit that heat can be not normally one of the first items people think about when they obtain a new computer or laptop, but it's this thought that all could save you big money. Processors, storage, hard drives, PCI devices—all of the can be ruined by a great overheating pc. There are a few strategies to help protect yourself although: * The very first is to make sure you have to the computer in some kind of non-vented cabinet. In the event that so , you might like to consider moving it. The heat provides...


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