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 Iron Ore Dressing Technology Essay

Flat iron ore shower technology

Magnetite ore shower mainly make use of magnetic separator for sorting of low grade magnetite. Due to the good magnetic ore, it is great wear and good election, Domestic permanent magnetic separation plants use level grinding and multi-stage running process, the coarse grained dissemination magnetite use the ex - process(one stage grinding), great particle and micro-fine particle-disseminated magnetite making use of the latter (two or 3 stage grinding); Weakly permanent magnet iron ore dressing, is mainly used for parting of hematite, limonite, hematite, siderite, hematite or blended ore, the so-called " Red Rock". Grade with this kind pepite is low, they have great dissemination size, complex nutrient composition, challenging sorting. rotary kiln jaw crusher

dress up technology intended for roasting, wet high intensity permanent magnet separation, weak magnetic flotation, and the the law of gravity concentration method, Equipment and new kinds of pharmaceutical study improve continually, so that the focus grade, steel recovery increase continuously. Including the concentrator employ weak magnetic - permanent magnet - flotation process.

Flat iron ore dressing mainly give priority to magnetic separating, While the fundamental requirement may be the Mineral magnetism, Magnetite may be directly received iron ore concentrate following magnetic splitting up, If it is hematite limonite ore or the different in order to get a lot more than 65% level iron concentrate, We must through magnetization roasting magnetic separation for the reduction of magnetite, Higher levels of harmful particles in the ore such as hematite, it is necessary that reduces impurity through the flotation. ball mill rotary kiln ball mill manufacture