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Burger Machine Cooperation Corporation, more commonly known as Cheese burger Machine, is one of the notable fast-food companies in the Philippines. In contrast to other cheese burger chains, Hamburger Machine has always been retailing in outdoor stands instead of shops.

Outdoor stands of Burger Machine have been completely using manual materials inventory system within the past thirty two years. The research workers decided to increase the accuracy in the materials inventory system of the said business by performing a study to create a virtual materials inventory system that will secure up the transactions and decrease human being errors.

The online materials inventory system will fasten up transactions but actually will also enhance accuracy and prevent discrepancy around the inventory system of the cheese burger machine not work.

The Researcher plan to innovate the inventory system of Hamburger Machine booth from manual to laptop based materials inventory program. Using Microsoft company Access, the researchers want to make an products on hand system that will record the materials or perhaps ingredients utilized plus create a virtual menu for the customers.

Targets of the study

General Targets:

Our examine aims to boost the enterprise worth of Burger Machine Booth by setting up a virtual inventory system that could fasten the transactions of the said organization. Furthermore, this system will not only batten up the ventures but will as well promote accuracy and will enable keeping track of the raw materials used without doing a physical rely.

Specific Targets:

Our team aims to create a electronic inventory system that will keep an eye on the raw ingredients utilized and the outstanding ingredients accessible of the Burger Machine Stall. Moreover, we also want to make a system that will serve as a electronic menu that could show the value of the items for an easy access of customer's order.

Qualifications of the Analyze

Burger Machine Holdings Corporation, also known as Hamburger Machine is actually a sub company of Gilmore food Organization....