Internship Record On Airtel Bangladesh

 Internship Report On Airtel Bangladesh Composition

Internship report


Strategic Programs (STRAP) to get 2012-2013 of Airtel Bangladesh Submitted to

Suntu Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Professor

BRAC Business Institution

BRAC School

Submitted by simply

Md. Aynul Islam

ID: 09104108

Date of Distribution

April twenty-four, 2013

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April twenty-one, 2013

Suntu Kumar Ghosh

Assistant Teacher

BRAC Business School

BRAC University.

Subject: Submission in the Internship Record on " Strategic Programs (STRAP) pertaining to 2012-2013 of Airtel Bangladesh. ”

Dear Sir,

With due admiration, I would like to inform you that it is a great delight for me to fill in the Internship report on " " Strategic Programs (STRAP) to get 2012-2013 of Airtel Bangladesh. ” as a part of our BBA course subjects.

This record is a summary of the conclusions from the duties I was associated with my internship period which were given by my own on location supervisor. We tried to meet up with my whole proposed objective within the designated schedule. To get ready the record, I have gathered the information that was made available to me because an inwendig for other information was private.

Finally, I actually am grateful to you intended for giving me this opportunity to work on this report which I consider as being a great choice of me to build up the functional and professional skills through the Internship program. Thank You.

Yours sincerely,


Md. Aynul Islam

ID- 09104108

BRAC Business University

BRAC College or university.

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At first I want to convey my personal deep appreciation to my internship supervisor, Suntu Kumar Ghosh to get giving me the opportunity to present my Internships Report on " Strategic Programs (STRAP) for 2012-2013 of Airtel Bangladesh ”.

The representatives of Airtel Bangladesh Limited, also helped me in rendering vital data regarding the idea of OE practice of Airtel Bangladesh Limited. They shared their landscapes and led me inside the preparation with this report. In preparing this report, I use received friendly and honest assistance from my own senior officials. The officials of Airtel Bangladesh Limited who directly guided myself, in making this report a true worth are:

Zakia Sultana

Head of Operational Excellence

Mohammad Ahmadul Haque

Procedure Management Manager

Jinat Laila

Process Supervisor Commercial

Shanjida Rahman

Process Improvement Supervisor

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Stand of Contents:

Name of the Topic

Content material

Executive Synopsis

Page Amount




being unfaithful

My Section

My Job


5. Organogram

The Organization

1 . Advantages

2 . Background

3. Merchandise & Assistance


four. Visions for future years


Purpose & Function of OE

1 . My own Job Information &




2 . Learnings




twenty four

1 . Creating Winning Soul

2 . TROY

Name & Objectives from the Eight

STRAPs for 2012-2013


twenty seven








Quest Outclass



Network Perception


7. Pre-paid ring Fence

8. Venture & Post-paid









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Business Summary

Airtel Bangladesh Ltd. is a GSM-based cellular agent in Bangladesh. Airtel is definitely the now in fourth location in Bangladesh TELCO market which had a merger & acquisition with " Warid Telecom" that originally introduced commercial businesses on May 10, 2007 in Bangladesh. The objective of making this survey was to come with an insight of recent operation managing, strategies & control systems that is staying adopted in corporations, especially in TELCO sector. To do that in this article, the short descriptions has about the practicing of Operational quality in Airtel Bangladesh where the Strategic Applications for 2012-1013 is broadly described in order to have an understanding with their functions.

However , as a great intern my personal job in " Functional Excellence” (OE) was slim in the sense i worked such as a co-ordinator with their different functions by planning soft copies of the procedure through applying different software program & planning meetings. Apart from that I was...


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