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General Financial System

of Exim Traditional bank

Internship Report

Faysal Ahmed


SYMPHONY” Plot No . SE (F): 9, Highway No . 142 Gulshan Method, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh

Internship (INT 4399)

Survey on

Standard Banking System


Submitted to

Mimnun Sultana

Assistant Professor

University of Organization and Economics

Submitted By

Faysal Ahmed

ID- 111 092 084

Section: A

Date of Submission: 7th January, 2015

Letter of Transmittal

7th January, 2015


Mimnun Sultana

Assistant Professor

School of Business and Economics

United Intercontinental University

Subject matter: Application to get accepting my own Term Newspaper.

Dear Madam,

I have the respect to present the definition of paper create by your authorization and direction. I plan to be thankful to you for giving me such a glorious opportunity to make an assignment on that topic " Standard Banking System Of EXIM BANK” as granted by you. Finally My spouse and i seek your favorable consideration as to enabling me to submit this term paper and present that before you.

Yours Really,


Faysal Ahmed

ID- 111 092 084

Bachelor Of Business Administration (BBA)

United International University

Section: A

Notification of Documentation

This is to certify that Faysal Ahmed, ID- 111 092 084, student of BBA program of Combined International College or university, has completed the internship report in " EXIM Bank Bangladesh Limited” efficiently under my supervision.

I wish him for success in his lifestyle



Mimnun Sultana

Assistant Mentor

School of Business & Economics

Combined International School


It truly is high time for me to express my personal deepest honor to the changeless God. With no support of God We would not be able to complete a huge task of planning this Internship Report in the scheduled time.

Internship report is a necessary part of BBA program as you can collect practical knowledge within the period of three months by simply observing and doing the daily functions of selected organization. On this factor my internships has been organized at " EXIM Lender Limited, Narayangonj Branch” Dhaka.

At first, I want to give as a result of my supervising teacher Mimnun Sultana, Associate professor, Facultyof Business & Economics, Usa International School who instructed me in the right way and give myself proper guidelines for setting up this Internship Report.

I actually acknowledge my personal indebtedness to Sara Tasnim and Md. Masum Iqbal and Maryland. Abdur Rahim (AGM) for constant direction and beneficial suggestion every once in awhile and I are also thankful to Maryland Junayed Ahmed SPO EXIM Bank Limited. I i am also delinquent to all of the officers and employees in the Exim Lender Limited who extended their particular whole hearted co-operation to me despite their particular huge workload during my Functional Orientation.

At last I must talk about the great working environment and group determination of this lender that has enabled me a great deal deal to perform and take notice of the banking actions during my internship period of three months.

Finally, I actually convey my personal sincere as a result of my friends whom inspire in different ways to finish the statement and the program as well.


Faysal Ahmed

ID- 111 092 084

Section: A

Executive overview

Today required of a traditional bank as a lender is undeniable. A country is going to financially surge only when they have modern lender of its. These corporations play a vital role in the field of monetary stability of your nation. That's why banking sector is one of the secure financial institutions of any country. The emergence of Exim Traditional bank in the non-public sector is a crucial event inside the banking industry of Bangladesh. When the land was in the grip of severe recession, Govt. took the farsighted decision to allow in the private sector to receive the economy of the nation. Several active entrepreneurs came up forward intended for establishing a bank having a slogan to revitalize the economy of the nation.


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