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 Essay regarding Internship Ship Report upon Bank ’s Falah


Chapter outline:

1 . Origin with the report

installment payments on your Aim of the report

a few. Objectives from the study

5. Scope with the study

5. Methodology with the study

6th. Limitation from the study

1 ) Origin of the report:

Internship is a area of the BBA plan of the department of Business Administration of Leading University or college. Here, one report is important to warrant our operate internship. The report was assigned by the department. The topic of the statement is " a study on customer solutions in Bank Alfalah inside the Sylhet Branch. ”

Financial sector is usually expanding its hand in diverse financial function every day. Simultaneously the financial process has become faster, much easier and the financial arena is now wider. Because the demand for better support increased everyday, they are coming with different innovative ideas & products. To be able to survive in the competitive field of the bank sector, all banking agencies are looking for better services for you to provide their particular following customers. As basic banking comes with all the deposits, cash, cleaning, & copy, so it is most critical.

2 . Purpose of the Survey:

I was a student of BBA (Finance and Accounting) conducting internship at Traditional bank Alfalah Limited, Sylhet part. I was positioned to gain an actual work experience for the period of 90 days to find out how it works. The aim of this kind of report is always to provide the visitor the guideline whereby they can able to gain a general knowledge about the items and solutions of the financial institution. I have delivered time for 3 months. In this time of span, I possess observed the activities of the lender and try to make a quantitative analysis for my analyze. After completing my period, I have ready this statement on the evaluation I have built. I have tried out my far better make this report as effective as possible.



On the last area of the BBA plan every scholar should have to perform an internship in a reputed organization. Following compilation the internship plan everybody will have to submit a report. The main objectives was - i. To assemble practical experience.

ii. To get acquainted with the functions and services furnished by the organization. 3. To is aware of their marketing strategies for serving in the competition. iv. To learn about the condition and limitations they are facing in the way of doing banking features. v. To be familiar with their training and creation programs. vi. To develop the report composing skill.


I possess done my own internship in Bank Alfalah Ltd. Bank Alfalah Limited have 05 branches across Bangladesh. That they appointed me at Mirabazar Branch in Sylhet. Thus i had the opportunity to work in that branch only 5. Technique:

A wide range of books will examined to gather important information about the subject matter matters of the study. These literatures include the texts, profile, annual reviews, documentation; different Manuals and so forth The data collected for this analyze was the mean s of your survey. The survey will be done within the customers and staff in the Bank by simply personal remark and interview and some data will be collected from the journal and site of Bank Alfalah Limited. A thorough and insightful statement will be executed on the numerous Administrative, Interventional and Promoting philosophies, strategies and practices to collect important information. Dialogue with the staffs and other related

Persons to build standard data for the research are also a comprising device and also important instructions from your project supervisor. Collection of principal data: I possess collected a lot of the data and information by my practical experience and queries from the representatives while carrying out my internships at Lender Alfalah Ltd. Information and data relating to products & services, financial operations, firm structure, supervision personnel and policies were collected out of this source. Literature review: An array of literature has become reviled to gather necessary info...