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 Informative Talk Essay

Zongyu Chai

Oct 26, 2013

Darfur Genocide

Specific Goal: I want to advise my audience on the genocide that occurred in Darfur that started in 2003 and the impact it has made on the Un policy of international help. Introduction

My spouse and i. In high school graduation I was presented the opportunity to volunteer as a tour guide at the Nationwide Holocaust Museum. a. Element of a new demonstrate that was opened inside my time there is a " Never Again” exhibit that shines signals on current genocides. b. What is Genocide? Genocide can be described as term to describe the mass killings of 1 specific group based on religious or politics backgrounds. (" What is genocide”) c. After the horrors of the Holocaust were known, the world said " never again” will such tragedies happen. d. Unfortunately never once again was an empty promise. The incident of Rwanda occurred and the world took activities and once again said hardly ever will this repeat. 2. Then the event in Darfur. There were many deceptions of what was truly happening in Darfur, which lead to bare minimum aid from electric power holding countries. (The Human rights council) III. The genocide cause many visitors to write letters to our elected representatives, asking them to help with the war and helping in prevention of your genocide Central Idea: Learning the truth lurking behind the Darfur Genocide can help us understand the importance of worldwide aid intended for second and third world countries. Knowing all the facts will make people even more aware of this news and the significance of helping individuals in will need. Body- Great Darfur

I actually. Beginning of the Discord 2003

a. Started in February of 2003 when the Darfur rebels strike the Sudanese military. n. Escalated in December, when the Janjaweed completed orders to attack the black African villages (Steidle 21) m. i. They can murder, rape and then burn up entire neighborhoods to the earth II. Increased Darfur Conflict 2004-2005

a. There is a not enough adequate food, water, and healthcare companies that will be designed for the political refugees b. The US...

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