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 Influence of Media Essay

Generally speaking, " media" refers to numerous means of communication. Media, the name only to everybody seems very familiar. For ages media has become a key origin for being aware of what is happening around the world. As time evolved the speed through which media details becomes available has grown. Nowadays media depends on Electronic media including television, the airwaves, etc, Print media which includes newspapers, journals, etc and Social media, press disseminated through social connection. In the last 50 years the press influence has grown exponentially while using advance of technology, 1st there was the telegraph, then this radio, the newspaper, mags, television and now the internet. The media's the most powerful business on earth. They have the power to help make the innocent guilt ridden and to make the guilty innocent, and that's electric power. Because that they control the minds from the masses. ” There are some great and unfavorable influences in young people. The consequences of mass media in teenagers, that they buy the actual see in the news, what their designer celebrity advertise and what is acceptable simply by society based on the fashion that the media has imposed them, another impact is if there exists a sport that is getting a wide range of attention by the media and gains popularity among your friends and world, kids will certainly more likely need to practice that sport. In this way that you will have fun with your good friends and be more healthy because of the workout you are doing. Even so a negative affect in teenagers is the use of cigars by simply celebrity movie stars, the extreme images of violence and exposure to a large number of junk food advertising. When we view television or a movie we usually see various images of violence and individuals hurting others. The problem with this is that it can become distressing especially in our children as we see it more and more. The media includes a huge influence on society and in addition in public opinion. They can form the public judgment in different ways depending of what is the aim.