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ndia is one of the ancient civilisations in the world. It has achieved multi-faceted socioeconomic improvement during the last five decades. It includes moved ahead displaying amazing progress in neuro-scientific agriculture, industry, technology and overall monetary development. India has also offered significantly for the making of world background.

The Tropic of Malignancy (23° 30'N) divides the region into practically two similar parts. To the southeast and southwest of the mainland, sit the Andaman and Nicobar islands plus the Lakshadweep island destinations in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea respectively. Find out the extent of those groups of island destinations from your atlas. • The southernmost stage of the American indian Union– ‘Indira Point' acquired submerged beneath the sea normal water in 2005 during the Tsunami.


India is a huge country. Lying entirely inside the Northern hemisphere (Figure 1 . 1) the main land expands between latitudes 8°4'N and 37°6'N and longitudes 68°7'E and 97°25'E. 180°W 150° 120° 90° 60° 30°W 0°


The area mass of India has an area of 3. 28 million square kilometres. India's total area makes up about about installment payments on your 4 per cent of the total geographical 30°E 60° 90° 120° 150° 180°E 75°N 60°

North America






OCEAN OCEAN South America










Physique 1 . 1: India on the globe

area of the universe. From the Number 1 . two it is clear that India is the 7th largest nation of the world. India has a property boundary of approximately 15, 200 km as well as the total length of the coast type of the landmass including Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep is 7, 516. six km. India is bordered by the youthful fold mountains in the southwest, north and north east. South of around 22° north latitude, it begins to heurter, and runs towards the American indian Ocean, dividing it into two oceans, the Arabian Sea around the west as well as the Bay of Bengal on its east. Look at Determine 1 . a few and remember that the latitudinal and longitudinal extent with the mainland is about 30°. Despite this fact the east-west degree appears to be smaller than the north-south extent. From Gujarat to Arunachal Pradesh there is a period lag of two several hours. Hence, period along the Common Meridian of India (82°30'E) passing through Mirzapur (in Uttar Pradesh) can be taken as the typical time for the whole country. The latitudinal degree influences the duration of the afternoon and night time, as one moves from southern region to north.

• How come 82°30'E has become selected as the Standard Meridian of India? • Why is the difference involving the durations of day and night barely felt for Kanniyakumari but is not so in Kashmir?


The Indian landmass has a central site between the East and the Western Asia. India is a southward extension in the Asian Continent. The trans Indian Marine routes which in turn connect the countries of Europe in the West and the countries of East Asia give a strategic central location to India. Be aware that the Deccan Peninsula protrudes into the Of india Ocean, therefore helping India to establish close contact with Western Asia, The african continent and European countries from the traditional western coast and with Southeast and East Asia in the eastern shoreline. No various other country includes a long coast on the Of india Ocean because India has and indeed, it really is India's eminent position inside the Indian Water which justifies the naming of an Sea after it. Since the starting of the Suez Canal in 1869, India's distance by Europe have been reduced by simply 7, 1000 km.

Supply: Based on Community Population Data Sheet, june 2006, Population Research Bureau, Wa, DC

Physique 1 . 2: Seven Largest Countries on the planet



Physique 1 . several: India: Extent and Common Meridian


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Figure 1 ) 4: India on International Highway of Trade and Commerce

India's contacts while using World have continued throughout the ages but her associations through the terrain routes...


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