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 Ikea Invades America Inquiries Essay

1 ) What factors account for the success of IKEA?

installment payments on your What do you think of the companys merchandise strategy and product range? Do you really agree with the matrix approach described in Figure N of the case?

three or more. Despite its success, there are many downsides to shopping in IKEA. Exactly what are some of these downsides? IKEAs Vision Statement (in Figure C of the case) describes the way the company tries to build a partnership using its customers. What do you think of this eyesight statement?

four. The fact that IKEA hopes to have 60 stores in operation in the Unites States by 2013 is indication of how optimistic the company is all about the viability of its value idea in this region. Do you think IKEA is being excessively optimistic in the growth strategies? How might you improve IKEAs value proposition to make it even more appealing to American buyers?

5. To realise the kind of progress that IKEA is wishing for, should the company change their product strategy? If so , in what way(s)? What about its product rangeare there restrictions to the matrix approach? If the company increase its product lineup to add a greater number of variations and value points? About what other ways should the company consider changing their product selection?

6. A lot of industry experts have recommended that IKEA should open a number of small, satellite stores across the United states of america (e. g., in shopping malls, strip department stores, etc . ). By offering a limited range of IKEA products, these IKEA Nagot shops would presumably give consumers who also do not normally have access to a full-size IKEA the chance to experience the manufacturer. In addition , consumers who carry out live around a full-size IKEA would be able to use these kinds of mini-outlets to make minor buys (e. g., purchase a group of mugs, rather than an entire living room set). Do you accept this idea? Why or perhaps why not?

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