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The movie, Igor is one of the many inspiring and the most interesting films that I have watched. Director, Anthony Leondis and the Copy writers, Chris McKenna and David Hoffman did their job well done with this motion picture for demonstrating a unique story. They offered us lessons and instructing which we people employ for our daily lives. Eva's saying carressed my center and I think likewise others' as it gave a lot inspiration and meaning towards the whole notion of the movie and I think that was the main issue with the complete movie. And I will never forget that quotation " I'd personally rather become a good no one than an evil somebody. ”

It is Igor which is described by Anthony Leonodis as well as the writers are Chris McKenna and John Hoffman. The Characters will be Eva, Igor, Scamper, Brain, Dr . Schadenfreude and Full Malbert. This kind of movie was made last 2008 and was given good evaluations by the audiences who have viewed it previously. In the account, Igor wished to be the highest evil science tecnistions to gain popularity and good fortune so selection an invention employing life which will caused Avoi then this individual tried to fight Eva while his invention in the bad scientist's fair.

Igor developed Eva to get evil nevertheless the result came the other way around this means Eva was obviously a kind-hearted advent. Igor tricked her to create her assume that she would definitely act bad in a enjoy. But when needed of the fair, Dr . Schadenfreude forced Avoi to come with him to get the Wicked Scientists' good because he said that Igor won't want her in his lifestyle so Eva came with him. Dr . Schadenfreude made her evil which will made her very mad.

The song " Tomorrow” that Eva did made me happy because I never read about that song since like I was 7 years old and it was the best that time. Avoi sang that very loud with her voice and kind of ruined some products which Igor saw since interesting as they knew that Eva was powerful and strong. The thought of the movie interested me in so many techniques because the method the movie was performed, it gave you the tension and at the same time, entertainment.