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The Breakdown and Utilization of Sugar and Excess fat

13-1Glycolysis is definitely an anaerobic process accustomed to catabolize sugar. What does that mean with this process to get anaerobic? (a)No oxygen is essential.

(b)No oxidation occurs.

(c)It takes place inside the lysosome.

(d)Glucose is split up by the addition of electrons.

13-2Which of the following levels in the breakdown of the part of toast you had for breakfast generates the most ATP? (a)the digestion of starch to sugar


(c)the citric acid solution cycle

(d)oxidative phosphorylation

13-3The advantage for the cell of the gradual oxidation process of sugar during cell phone respiration compared to its combustion to CARBON DIOXIDE and INGESTING WATER in a single step is that ________________. (a)more free energy is introduced for a given amount of glucose oxidized (b)no energy is dropped as temperature

(c)energy can be extracted in usable amounts

(d)more LASER is created for a given amount of glucose oxidized

13-4The last metabolite manufactured by glycolysis is ___________. (a)acetyl CoA



(d)glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate

13-5Glycolysis generates more stored energy than this expends. Precisely what is the net number of activated jar molecules manufactured in this process (number and form of molecules produced minus the quantity of those molecules used while input)? (a)6 ATP, two NADH

(b)4 ATP, 5 NADH

(c)2 ATP, a couple of NADH

(d)4 ATP, 2 NADH

13-6Which of the following steps or perhaps processes in aerobic respiration include the creation of co2? (a)breakdown of glycogen


(c)conversion of pyruvate to acetyl CoA

(d)oxidative phosphorylation

13-7In step 4 of glycolysis, a six-carbon sugar (fructose 1, 6-bisphosphate) is cleaved to produce two three-carbon elements (dihydroxyacetone phosphate and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate). Which in turn enzyme catalyzes this response? (a)aldolase

(b)phosphoglucose isomerase


(d)triose phosphate isomerase

13-8On a diet comprising nothing but necessary protein, which of the following is considered the most likely result? (a)loss of weight because amino acids can not be used for the synthesis of fat (b)muscle gain for the reason that amino acids is going directly into muscle building (c)tiredness because amino acids may not be used to make energy (d)excretion of more nitrogenous (ammonia-derived) wastes than with a more balanced diet

13-9Figure Q13-9 signifies a cellular lining the gut. Attract numbered tagged lines to indicate exactly where inside a cell the next processes occur.

Figure Q13-9

1 . glycolysis

2 . citric acid routine

3. change of pyruvate to triggered acetyl teams

4. oxidation of fatty acids to acetyl CoA

5. glycogen malfunction

6. release of fat from triacylglycerols

7. oxidative phosphorylation

13-10Fill in the spots in the stand below. Pertaining to steps 1, 4, five, and 8, name the best substrates, enzyme, or items. For all the other steps, name the chemical and bring the absent structure.

13-11Which of the next processes will not take place in the mitochondria? (a)citric acid circuit

(b)conversion of pyruvate to activated acetyl groups

(c)oxidation of essential fatty acids to acetyl CoA

(d)glycogen breakdown

13-12Which reaction will the enzyme phosphoglucose isomerase catalyze? (a)glucose → glucose 6-phosphate

(b)fructose 6-phosphate → fructose 1, 6-bisphosphate

(c)glucose 6-phosphate → fructose 6-phosphate

(d)glucose → sugar 1-phosphate

13-13What purpose will the phosphorylation of glucose to glucose 6-phosphate by the chemical hexokinase function as the first step in glycolysis? (a)It allows drive the uptake of glucose from outside the cell. (b)It builds a high energy phosphate bond.

(c)It turns ATP to a more beneficial form.

(d)It enables the glucose 6-phosphate to...


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