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1 ) Consider the diagram with the electronic system, which reveals the probabilities with the system components working properly. The complete system operates if assembly III and at least one of the components in each of assemblies I actually and 2 operates. Assume that the components of every assembly operate independently and the assemblies work independently. What is the probability that the complete system operates?

0. on the lookout for 0. 9 0. 8 0. almost eight 0. 7 I II III zero. 95

Remedy: P sama dengan [1-(1-0. 9)*(1-0. 8)*(1-0. 7)]2. [1-(1-0. 9)*(1-0. 8)] *0. 95=0. 925414 2 . How is the probability of program operation influenced if, inside the foregoing difficulty, the possibility of powerful operation pertaining to the part in assemblage III changes from 0. 95 to 0. 92? Solution: P = [1-(1-0. 9)*(1-0. 8)*(1-0. 7)]* [1-(1-0. 9)*(1-0. 8)] *0. 92=0. 89619 The probability of system procedure decreases zero. 029224 three or more. A political prisoner will be exiled to either Siberia or the Urals. The probabilities of being sent to these kinds of places are 0. six and zero. 4, correspondingly. It is also regarded that when a resident of Siberia is usually selected randomly the possibility is 0. 8 that he will become wearing a fur coat, whereas the probability can be 0. six that a citizen of the Urals will be using one. After arriving the exile, the first person the prisoner sees is certainly not wearing a fur coat. What is the probability he can in Siberia? Solution: S i9000 п‚є prisoner is exiled to Siberia U п‚є prisoner is exiled to Urals Farrenheit п‚є wear a fur coat P(S)=0. 6 P(U)=0. 4 P(F|S)=0. 8 P(F|U)=0. six P( Farrenheit |S)=0. a couple of P( Farrenheit |U)=0. several

P(S F)=

P(S пѓ‡ F) 0. 6*0. a couple of пЂЅ пЂЅ 0. 5 P(F) zero. 6*0. two пЂ« 0. 3*0. 5

4. A braking gadget designed to stop automobile skids may be split up into three series subsystems that function independently: a great electronics system, a hydraulic system, and a mechanical activator. On a particular stopping, the reliabilities of these products are approximately 0. 99, 0. 98, and zero. 96, correspondingly. Estimate the system reliability depending on the system can be fully 3rd party and total...