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 Historic Internet site Critique Composition

Katesha Smith

January 26, 2013

Usa History, Section 1

Rhonda Jones

Database Critique

?nternet site entered into the James E. Shepard Selection Website to look for " Record & Genealogy” sites to conduct a research on repository critiquing of " Captivity and American History”, the very first thing that captured my eye was " North America Ladies Letters and Diaries”. This web site offered albhabets from exactly 1, 325 women of most ethnicity teams explaining their particular bibliographies and experiences that were there living in the colonial times of the 50s. This site could possibly be useful for my own topic since it gives appropriate information of countless women who undergone the colonial times and also a chance to create their experience down on newspaper, which after got published. I was intrigued by the details so I went into more depth than just hitting the site to see that I basically started to go through some of the diaries and characters. The second web page I found was the " Salem History”. This site included a drop-box so that you could look for what you wished to. If you was unsure of what to search for (like myself), there was reference sets available. The research sets offered were: Years, Great Incidents from History, and Great Lives by History. The reference pieces were beneficial, yet time-consuming. They were time intensive because you had to search through a large number of pages including 1-17 to find what you would look for in that actual reference arranged. This site had not been helpful to myself because it did not provide myself the necessary data to execute my exploration on devoid of browsing through various pages. Being that I was enthusiastic about Slavery, all the info I viewed didn't link to my personal interest. The final site I found was " America: History and Life. ” It was an index of books that covered history and tradition of the United States and Canada, by prehistory to the current. The site allowed me to find whatever I wanted to and a lot of options were displayed. Being I was enthusiastic about American...