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 Essay about Hip-Hop

Rebecca WalkerJames Thomas 12-11-12

1 I enjoyed most regarding the story before hip-hop was hip-hop was when Rebecca walker acquired her clothes the Nike kicks that had been red and white and her suit that was grey and red. 2 (a) She got crackle energy for the reason that music like took over her body and she gone crazy boogie in parties on the block in the corner (b) it helped them simply by letting discover what lifestyle means to them and how very much music is definitely fun and dance all the time. (c) it give them moment for them self's having boogie battles that all it designed for them all enough time dancing and listening and watching how they were in boogie straight down Bronx. 3 (a)she discovers today's hip-hop way several then her hip-hop previously they had functions that in which fun simply no drinking with no drugs that was presently there parties today's parties are drugs and alcohol. I do think her common sense is fair because we all have opines today. Since if you were not talking correct dressing proper listening to the proper music or perhaps dancing correct you in which not awesome or well-known at all this meant you a geek or uncool and made fun of and bullied. Youngsters today demonstrate to them self by simply there clothing there features and how they will act towards others and how I help to make myself known is by the I talk and gown and how I act this kind of how I display my self. 5 the tone of walker's dissertation Is personal because the girl talks about her self. (b) The way your woman talks about how she covers how the girl writes regarding her history and personal life. Her referring to how outdated she is she is 25 and her gonna high school in united states and Canada and then her obtaining awards intended for writing books and endorse. I think this story told about how the girl was cheerful as a youngster.