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Jo For many people hip-hop is synonymous with hip hop music, nevertheless I'd declare it refers to a whole subculture that surfaced with hiphop in the United States – especially New york city – back in the 1970s and has seeing that become really international. Rapping (or ‘MCing') and DJing are the two main pieces of hip-hop music. Maybe you could describe hip hop as a kind of expression that is certainly somewhere between talk, poetry and song. Other parts of hip-hop culture are specific varieties of dancing, apparel and graffiti art, and a specific kind of English slang. Hip-hop originally came out of African-American communities in New York, and i believe it's faithful to say that in countries like the US and Britain it really is still quite closely linked to the youthful black populace, though certainly there are hip-hop fans from every history, and indeed several famous non-black rappers including Eminem. The very first time a piece of hip hop music entered the US charts was in August 1979. twenty eight years later on it's one of many biggest-selling popular music genres in the world, although it's been under-going a bit of a decline recently. Young kids such as 50 Cent, Spy Dogg, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Eminem have enthusiasts all around the world, and earn a large number of millions of dollars 12 months. In many countries you'll find magazines and radio shows devoted to hip-hop, and those who have ever spent a few hours seeing MTV know that it has a high account there. Mike I think hip-hop is the most overestimate musical genre, and that gangsta rap is probably its most severe subcategory. All those guys offering about their pistols, their automobiles and their riches, and referring to women as though they're simply objects – it's certainly not exactly an optimistic message, can it be? A lot of their so-called music clearly glamorises violence, and so I'm surprised that it's even allowed to jump on the radio. Rob Anyone examining my COMPACT DISC collection or maybe the tracks on my mp3 player would see that I love hip-hop. It's a musical...