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" Why not everybody is a torturer”

Opgaveformulering: Publish an essay (800-1000 words) in which you examine and touch upon the article " Why not everybody is a torturer". Your evaluation must range from the writers and their backgrounds as well as the use of rhetorical questions.

The text ”why not everyone is a torturer” is usually an article from our English book. The article is definitely written by Alex Haslam and Stephen Reicher who are two specialists. In this article they will focus on the particular reason is the fact someone turn into a torturer and some don't.

The writers' backgrounds include a big affect on their cast. Stephen can be Professor of Social Psychology and Brain of the University of Psychology at the School of St Andrews. He has also published many literature on sociable psychology and he is thinking about the issue of group behaviour. Alex is Mentor of Cultural Psychology with the University of Exeter. Alex has been key editor in the European Log of Cultural Psychology and he received the Euro Association of Social Psychology's Lewin Medal for exploration in interpersonal psychology. 1In the article they can be detailing how their study speaks to recent situations in Abu Ghirab and in addition complicates previous interpretation in the Zimbardo try things out. These previously interpretations essentially contend something like " whenever we all shared the same situations as the soldiers operating the jail, we all might have ended up undertaking basically the same thing”.

Because of their background and that the content contains some of their own experiments the article provides much ethos. The freelance writers include themselves in the content through all their experiments.

In the article there is a logical structure. The theme can be introduced initially and while the reading the article the idea is elaborated and in the end there is a realization. The conclusion is the fact groups impact the behaviour of people and can cause them to do things that they never awaited. More specific we need to look at the rules and principles of a...